Data Science Training in Pune

Techdata Solutions offer best data science training in Pune also offer another Software (IT) Training like.Big Data Hadoop training, R Language Course, Blockchain Certification Training, Business Analyst Training, Python Training, Blue Prism Training, RPA Training, Machine Learning Training, and Artificial Intelligence Training in Pune . Our job-oriented courses equip you to be ready to take on responsibilities in this domain and make a great impression with your hands-on skills.

There is a long list of evergreen technologies where we train the candidates to get a bright and successful future. We are on the list of top IT training institute in Pune, and many other cities. Our aim has been always to provide quality learning to the candidates so that they can withstand in this tough competitive market and able to work on all sort of requirements coming up in their respective projects.

you will get to learn the concepts in the most practical way. The team of highly qualified and experienced trainers offers excellent training along with superb infrastructure in order to keep you upgraded with all the emerging trends of the IT world. All the batches come with limited size so that individual learner can be focused upon. The problems of each and every person are heard carefully by our expert trainers and are resolved in no time. The experienced trainers train all the candidates for job interviews and how actually the work is done in the industries. Our goal is always to provide the best data science training and other cities of India.

Once the training is completed, you will get a good experience of transforming all your ideas into the real applications. The hands-on training with a real-life project and placement assistance have provided success to many professionals till now and we will continue doing this good work to get many more people settled in the IT industry.

Data Science Classroom Training

Data science comes out to be a rapidly growing technology of today and demand is very high. But companies keep looking for professionals who are skilled enough to handle the problems and come up with the best solutions. Going up with the Data science training in Pune with Techdata Solutions will help you learn things from the basic to the deep advanced concepts. We conduct classroom training in three modes as mentioned below:

  • Group training
  • We offer Data science training in Pune in locations including Mumbai, and Thane. All these places have superb connectivity with the main markets. We have multiple shifts in which we run the batches. Each batch consists of 8-12 members only in order to have a good connection with all the attendees and the trainer can easily concentrate on all the candidates. Whatever are your issues can be straightforwardly asked and the trainers will resolve them then and there.

  • One to one training
  • In our Data science training, we also have the facility of one to one training wherein for every single candidate there will be one trainer. Hence, complete time of a trainer here is dedicated to a single student only.

  • Fast track training
  • Another mode of Data science training via classroom offered by Techdata Solutions is fast track training. This is mainly for students who have limited time. We cover the complete syllabus at a fast pace. Each class is more and more intensive and there will be more hours to be spent in the classes every week.

Corporate Training

Techdata Solutions is also into providing the Data science training in Pune for the corporate. Corporate training is basically for companies who want to train their employees in order to let them grow. Our experienced professionals train the candidates in the companies and make them the expert of data science. Based on the requirements of the business, we customize the training and make it specialized for the benefit of the employees.

Data Science Exams & Certification

The competition is very high in the market and taking a certification can make you stand out of the crowd. The certification attracts the interviewers towards your application and your placement chances increases. There are many data scientists’ certifications available in the market to pursue. We offer the certification after completion of Data science training. Thus, you get the chance to prove your expertise.

Trainer Profile, who give Data Science Training in Pune

We believe in providing the best services to all the students. This is the reason why we choose the best trainers from the industry to offer Data Science Training in Pune. These trainers have proven the expertise of 10+ years working in the field of data science. They will take care of your academic-based needs and they believe in imparting knowledge through the student-centric approach which is highly beneficial for effective learning.

You get both theoretical as well as practical knowledge deeply for all the concepts. The trainers will demonstrate to you the real-world problems and their solutions. The timings of our trainers are highly flexible and thus you can choose the batches as per your comfort.

Top Factors which makes us the Best Data Science Training Institute in Pune

  • Practical-oriented learning
  • During the entire Data science training in Pune at Techdata Solution, you will be made familiar with multiple real-life examples for each and every concept. We do not believe in just imparting theoretical knowledge. Theory can make you learn the definitions but will not teach you where to apply the concepts. Our practical based learning will get you to know the real concepts behind anything, why it has to be done, where it has to be done and very importantly how it has to be done.

  • Flexible schedule
  • We completely understand that you might be busy sometime. So, we have planned flexible class schedules for our data science course in Pune. The classes are held on weekends as well as weekdays and along with this, we have online classes too. Hence, you can join the classes according to your suitability and time.

  • Expert trainers
  • All the trainers available for providing the training for the data science course are highly experienced and have complete knowledge of the concepts. They have experience of working in big MNCs and know very well how the requirements come and how to deal with them. They will make you familiar with all these things.

  • Well structured syllabus
  • The syllabus is designed by expert professionals in such a way that learning becomes easy and simple for you. The course starts with the basic topics and goes to the advance level slowly so that learning becomes fun and explorative. The syllabus keeps on getting updated based on any new technology or tools coming up in the market.

  • Real life project and assignments
  • In the entire Data science training , you will be given multiple assignments to work upon. At the end of each class, one assignment will be there so that you can revise all the concepts learned on that particular day. Also at the end of the course, you will be working on one real-life project so as to apply all the learned logic.

  • No prerequisites
  • The course is designed in such a manner that you need not to have any prerequisites. Everything will be learned from the beginning and hence even if you are not from the IT background, you need not to worry. The only requirement is your full-fleshed dedication towards the learning.

  • Preparation for interviews
  • We will be preparing you for the interviews. There will be multiple mock interviews being conducted during the course and after the course as well. This will help you to understand the gaps and where to focus more. Also, you will get to know what all types of questions are asked during the interviews.

Benefits of Data Science Training

As the data is increasing in the market, there is a continuous search for the methods to deal with this bulk material and get out what is useful information for the company. Therefore, the need for skilled professionals is also increasing. The data science training is highly beneficial for people who are looking forward to make a career in data science.

In order to handle the large and bulky datasets, it is important to get completely trained in all the tools and algorithms involved in data science. The studies show that there is a lot of talent laggings in the organizations to be filled by the experts. Thorough training is therefore required to cover this gap and let the professionals get new success heights in their career.

Let’s take a look at some of the useful benefits of doing the Data science training in Pune:

  • You get to know about big data technologies
  • With the Data science training, you will prepare yourself for all the much needed big data skills and the technology prevailing in the market. You will get to learn Hadoop, Flume, R, Machine learning, Sqoop, and Mahout, etc. This helps you to sustain in cut-throat competition.

  • You get a better career path
  • With data science training, you get a chance to make your dreams come true. The demand for the data scientist is not just limited to one or two countries, it is worldwide. So you can now imagine what wings you can get to fly with once you become a data science expert. The data science training provides you with the expertise that leads you to grab the data scientist position globally.

  • You get hired in a top fortune company
  • The list of companies that hire data science experts is just endless. With the Data science training in Pune at Techdata Solutions, you get an opportunity to get the best skills added into your resume which provides you the ticket to enter in best companies including Microsoft, Facebook, PayPal, Apple, Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay, etc.

  • Top salary packages
  • With best companies come the best salary packages. You can earn in lakhs per month with the expertise in data science. Also, the hikes and promotions are endless in this field. Therefore, the sky is the limit when you can take up the data science training in Pune and become the master of the field.

Other benefits while undergoing Data Science Training in Pune with Techdata Solutions

  • In our campus, you will always get free internet facility
  • You will get to meet people from various industries and expertise who are working in different companies. This will increase your contacts.
  • Power backup is there for all classrooms and hence you need not worry about all these related stuff.
  • If you have taken any course before with Techdata Solutions, there are chances of getting additional discounts.

Job Opportunity

With the increasing demand for data science technology in the market, the demand is growing widely for skilled candidates. There is a huge gap between demand and supply and therefore companies keep looking for employees who can fulfill these gaps. For the right candidates, salary is not a bar and deserving people get lots of hikes and appreciations in their careers.

We have tie up with many big MNCs and firms at a global level. You will be provided full assistance from our end, Once you complete the Data Science Training in Pune from Techdata Solutions, getting a job will not be a constraint anymore. Our dedicated team will keep preparing you for the interviews and what all questions are asked during the interviews. You will be getting regular updates for the openings based on your skills and experience

You will easily get jobs in data science-related areas including data analyst, research scientist, director of analytics and research analyst, etc.

    Future of Data Science

    In today time, there is not even a single industry where data is not present. Everywhere it is data and data. Companies are finding it really tough to tackle the massive data and to get useful information about it. They are continuously looking for skilled professionals who have enough knowledge of the concepts and have the ability to work with this bulk data and get the proper knowledge and visualization out of it.

    In today’s time, there is not even a single industry where data is not present. Everywhere it is data and data. Companies are finding it really tough to tackle the massive data and to get useful information about it. They are continuously looking for skilled professionals who have enough knowledge of the concepts and have the ability to work with this bulk data and get the proper knowledge and visualization out of it.

    So if you are also planning to learn this growing and advanced technology, you can take up the Data science training in Pune at Tech Data solutions. That is definitely going to be a wise solution and you will get new wings in your career.


    • What is Data Science?

      The term data science is very common these days. Almost all the major companies are using it to work on the available data. The amount of data keeps increasing daily and with the traditional methods, it has become very difficult to handle it. Therefore using the latest data science technology has helped organizations in moving forward smoothly and processing data easily. Data science is the combination of statistical tools and visualization that helps the company to come to some results on their businesses.

    • Why should you choose Data Science?

      As is the data growing in the market so is the need increasing for the people to handle it. The role of the data scientist is to get the data from all the popular sources, clean it and prepare it for execution. He or she is responsible for working with various algorithms and models to get useful insights. There is continuous demand in the market for the expert professionals who have the ability to individually work for bringing the positive insights which are helpful for the business. Therefore choosing data science as a career is a smart choice and a perfect decision for a successful career. Also, the salary for the data science professionals is very high in the market and with experience, it keeps increasing proportionally.

      Why Choose Techdata Solutions for Data Science training in Pune?

      As already mentioned, the demand for the data scientists is very high in the market but companies hire the expert. They need individuals who can take the responsibility of things independently with minimum support. Joining Techdata Solutions for Data Science training can be really beneficial as we provide you the complete required knowledge to become a data scientist.

      We are ranked as one of the best institutes offering the Data Science training in Pune. You will always get the latest information regarding the new trends in the market and you will definitely see a wide career growth with us.

      Still confused? Read below to know more:

      • You can attend the classes as per your suitability. We have both weekdays and weekend batches.
      • We have a backup for all the classes and so if you miss any, don’t worry you can always watch it again later.
      • We focus more on practical sessions rather than just giving theoretical lectures. All classes come with real-life examples which gives a clear understanding of all the topics covered.
      • There are assignments to be completed after every class.
      • There is one real-life project that has to be completed by each and every individual after completing the Data Science training in Pune with us. Once you successfully complete the project, there will be a data science certificate provided which has global recognition.
      • All our trainers are 10+ years experienced and come from the data science background. They know the crux of the technology and how work is happening in the companies. You can always take any help from them.
      • There is 24/7 support system with us wherein we will assist you for all the problems you face.
      • We provide placement assistance to all our candidates.
      • Interview training and tips are provided so that you can easily crack the real interviews.
      How Old Is Techdata Solutions ?

      We started providing the Data Science training in Pune in the year 2012 and since then we are excelling in providing the best training to all our candidates. The staff we have is the world’s best in imparting the correct required knowledge to all the candidates.

      How Many Students Have Been Trained By Techdata Solutions Up till Now?

      Almost over 16000+ professionals have been trained to become the best IT employees and survive in this world full of competition. We take proud in stating that all our trained aspirants are placed in reputed firms and earning a handsome amount. We are still connected with many of them and you can read their reviews to know more.

      What Will Be the Size Of A Data Science training Batch At Techdata Solutions?

      Our aim is always to offer the best knowledge to each and every candidate available in our Data Science training. Therefore, in order to give an individual and a good amount of attention to all students, we keep the batch size of 5-7 candidates at the most. This helps us to get connected with all students in a much better way.

      What is the duration of this training?

      The complete duration of the Data Science training in Pune is somewhere around 3 to 4 months based on the courses you are taking up and the batches you join.

      What if I miss a session?

      Our Data science training will never let you suffer whatever is the case. Even if you miss any session with Techdata Solutions, there are no worries. We will get the lectures rescheduled for you. Also, you can further join the missed classes in other batches. So, it is always a win-win situation for you.

      What skill I will learn in Data Science Training?

      Once you complete the Data Science training in Pune with us, you will get the hands-on of working in the field.

      • You will get the knowledge of the popularly used data science algorithms.
      • You will be able to do all the data related stuff including data extraction, cleaning, processing and visualizing the data.
      • You will get the knowledge of various data visualization tools including R/Python etc.
      • You will learn the basics of mathematics along with manipulations and statistics.
      What certification will I receive after completion of Data Science training?

      Once the training is completed at Techdata Solutions, you will be awarded a data science certificate which is globally recognized. Adding that to your resume will always be a plus point and recruiters will get more confidence in you. Even you will gain much self-confidence to work in industry independently.

      How about group discounts?

      Yes definitely, when you join the Data science training in Pune in groups at Petaa Bytes, you are going to get good discounts. Same goes for corporate training as well. To get more insights about this, you can contact us at +91 9769066624 or drop us a mail at You can also get further details on our website wherein we have customer chat support to provide further assistance. As per the terms and conditions, we offer you the best applicable discounts.

      Are you looking for exciting offers for Data Science Training?

      If you are looking for the best and exciting offers for Data science training in Pune, then give us a call on +91 9769066624 or drop us a mail at One of our assistants will get back to you shortly.

      Will I get Placement Assistance?

      Once you have successfully completed the Data Science training , we are definitely going to provide the full placement support. There will be regular mock interviews done in order to prepare you for company interviews. Also, we will help you in resume building and provide other necessary tips. Also, we have a tie-up with some good MNCs and we will keep you updated about any of the openings in the companies. There are regular openings in all these companies for the post of data scientists so you need not worry about getting placed. There will be regular discussions held to prepare you to face interviews confidently.

      What roles are offered by companies for Data science professionals?

      All companies come with their own set of roles for the data scientist. But some of the major roles that you can expect to get after completion of Data science training in Pune are as listed below:

      • Data analyst
      • Business analyst
      • Data scientist
      • Data designer
      • Statistical programmer
      • Research scientist
      • Research analyst
      What will be the average salary for Data Science Professional?

      Data science is the highly demanded technology prevailing in the market today. All the big MNCs are using it to work out easily on their data and get positive and useful information from the bulk raw data available. Above all, the demand is more and supply is very less. This clearly signifies towards the fact that the salary of data scientists is very high. According to the latest stats and reports, per year a data scientist earns around 6,20,244 Rs. This figure can change based on the industry, area and definitely your skill and knowledge. Our Data science training will make you reach the above salary and even cross it easily.

      How Do I Enroll For The Data Science Training At Techdata Solutions?

      In order to enroll for the Data Science training in Pune at Techdata Solutions, you can directly call us at +91 9769066624 | +91 9702066624 or mail us at You can also move to our branches in Pune for further information.

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