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Python Classes in Mumbai & Pune

About Python

In today time, Python is considered as one of the most powerful programming languages. With its strong capabilities to work on data analysis and statistics, almost all the major MNCs use it for their data science-based business processes. At Techdata Solutions, we provide the best standard Python training. We started the Python Classes in Mumbai in the year 1992 and the Python Classes in Pune in the year 2002. With so many years of experience in providing the Python training, we assure that you will get the extensive knowledge of the complete programming concepts of Python.

The course content is designed for Python Classes. which is completely unique which will help you to learn Python from the basics to the advanced topics. You can check our reviews to find out that we are one of the best Python training institutes in Pune and Mumbai. The instructors are all highly skilled with many years of experience. They have the real-life experience of working in the industry and know in-depth about all the concepts of Python. The entire course is practically based and at the end of the training, you will be working on a Python application. This way, you will get an idea of how much you have learned and able to apply the learned concepts. During the course, you will be assisted by the team.

By the End of our python classes in Mumbai & Pune at Techdata Solutions You Will?

Once you complete Python Training in Pune or in Mumbai, you will get the clear-cut concepts of Python along with all its libraries. Learning the course with full sincerity will lead you to learn::

  • All Python basics
  • You will learn all the basics and complete syntax of Python. This will make your base strong and you will be much more prepared to work with Advanced Python.

  • Master the fundamentals of Python
  • You will get to know about the basic syntax of Python, variables used along with the Data types and how to use them for your advantage and how they fit in your code.

  • Mastery of the Python data structures
  • After the completion of python classes in Pune or in Mumbai, you will get to learn about the data structures that can be handled by Python. You will be able to create the list in Python along with the tuples and many more other things.

  • All conditional statements
  • You will learn about all the loops and conditions available in Python.

  • Module building
  • You will be able to build the modules and further execute them.

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Along with Python, you will get to learn all the concepts of object-oriented programming. You will be able to write user-defined functions along with creating classes and objects.

  • Improve your coding ability
  • Once you complete the training in Python from our institute, you will see a lot of improvement in your coding skills. Not only Python, but you will also be comfortable with many other languages.

Advantage after joining our Python Classes

Once you join our Python Classes in Pune & Mumbai, you will start to learn the important concepts of python and how to apply them in your real life.

Here is the list of some advantages after joining Python training at our institute. Have a look at them below:

  • Practical course
  • The complete course is job oriented and practical based. We do not believe in providing theoretical training. All the concepts come with one or more real-life examples to relate easily and understand immediately. After course completion, there will be a project to be completed which will make all your remaining doubts clear as well.

  • Backup classes
  • We understand that you might not be able to attend a few classes because of your busy schedule. Hence, there will be backup of lecture in case you missed any of them. So, there will be no worries about lagging behind others during the training.

  • Technical support forever
  • You will get the assistance from our team from the time of joining the Python Classes in Mumbai till the time you want it. Even after the course completion, you can connect with us anytime whether you want assistance regarding any topic doubts or you are stuck during the project work in your organization.

  • Free lab and WIFI
  • You will be provided with the free lab and wifi facility always during the course.

  • Free demo
  • You can take the first class absolutely free and see our training method. Only after you are completely satisfaction with the training, you can pay the amount and join the next class.

    With so many advantages after taking Python Training in our Classes, you will get new wings in your career. You will never stop and the career will accelerate with a good pace in this competitive world.

    What are Course Syllabus, if i take admission in your Python Classes

    what is data science

      Chapter 1: Introduction To Python
    • What is Python and history of Python
    • Python-2 and Python-3 differences
    • Install Python and Environment Setup
    • First Python Program
    • Python Identifiers, Keywords and Indentation
    • Comments and document interlude in Python
    • Command line arguments
    • Getting User Input
    • Python Basic Data Types
    • What are variables?

      Chapter 2: List, Ranges & Tuples In Python
    • Introduction
    • Lists in Python
    • More About Lists
    • Understanding Iterators
    • Generators, Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions
    • Understanding and using Ranges

      Chapter 3: Python Dictionaries And Sets
    • Introduction to the section
    • Python Dictionaries
    • More on Dictionaries
    • Sets
    • Python Sets Examples

      Chapter 4: Input And Output In PythonSets
    • Reading and writing text fileswriting Text Files
    • writing Text Files
    • Appending to Files and Challenge
    • Writing Binary Files Manually

      Chapter 5: Python Functions
    • Python user defined functions
    • Python packages functions
    • Defining and calling Function
    • The anonymous Functions
    • Loops and statement in Python
    • Python Modules & Packages

      Chapter 6: Python Object Oriented
    • Overview of OOP
    • Creating Classes and Objects
    • Accessing attributes
    • Built-In Class Attributes
    • Destroying Objects

      Chapter 7: Python Exceptions Handling
    • What is Exception?
    • Handling an exception
    • try-finally clause
    • Argument of an Exception
    • Python Standard Exceptions
    • Raising an exceptions

      Chapter 8: Python Regular Expressions
    • What are regular expressions?
    • The match Function
    • The search Function
    • Matching vs searching
    • Search and Replace
    • Extended Regular Expressions

      Chapter 9: Useful Additions
    • Collections : namedtuples, default dicts
    • Debugging and breakpoints
    • Using IDEs
    • Matching vs searching


    • Why Python training at Techdata Solutions?

      If you are planning to take admidsion in our Python Classes in Mumbai or in Pune, Techdata Solutions is one of the best options. The major reason is that we are highly experienced and all our trainers have more than 10 years of experience. You need not to think before joining us for the following reasons:

      • More than 5000 candidates have completed the course and are very successful in their IT career.
      • We keep the size of the batch very small so that we can focus on each and every student in a proper manner.
      • All the concepts will be taught with complete details.
      • Labs can be availed at any time.
      • The course will be practically oriented.
    • what skills will you learn in our Python Classes in Pune & Mumbai

      After taking up the course, you will have complete knowledge about all the concepts of Python. Your logical thinking ability will increase. You will get the knowledge of available in-built libraries of Python including NumPy, matplotlib, and Pandas, etc.

    • What are the prerequisites for taking admission on our Python Classes in Mumbai & Pune?

      It is good to have prior coding knowledge but if not do not worry. The main thing required is your dedication to learn.

    • How Python training will help in your career?

      Nowadays, python is in high demand in the market and taking up the course will get you a good job in the big MNC.

    • What Is the Python Training Duration?

      The core python programming will take 20 to 22 hours for completion and in case of additional modules, 40 to 50 hours will be the duration. During the course, you will get many assignments and one real-life project in the end.

    • Do you provide this Training in other cities?

      Along with Mumbai, we provide Python Classes in Pune & Thane.

    • What about Placement assistance in Your Python Classes?

      We have placement tie-up with major brands and thus you will get the full placement assistance after the course completion.

    • Will you help me with interviews?

      During the training, there will be two mock interviews and two interviews after the course completion. With these interviews, your skills will get enhanced and you will get to know your gaps and work on them.


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