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About SAS Training

Are you searching best SAS training in Mumbai and Pune? and If you are answering this as yes, then don’t worry now. Tech Data solution is one of the best institutes offering SAS training in Mumbai from last 10 years and commencing SAS training in Pune from last 2 years. Be ready to become a SAS certified experts with us. Call us now at +91 9769066624 to get a free demo.

Data science Training

Statistical Analysis Software better known as SAS is a business analytics related software suite which is being developed by SAS Institute and deployed as well by them. The main functionality of the suite is to do advanced analytics along with data management, business intelligence, predictive analysis, and multivariate analyses.

The development of SAS happened in the year 1976 at North Carolina State University at the time of incorporation. There were further developments done to SAS in the year 1990 and it became fully developed with many new components, advanced statistical procedures and JMP was also introduced. In SAS version 9, a new point and click interface was added in the year 2004. Then further in 2014, a social media analytics tool was integrated as well.

SAS has the ability to mine data from various data sources, alter it. Manage and retrieve it and further perform statistical analysis. There is a graphical user interface for those who are non technical people and advanced features are entertained with the help of SAS programming language. In order to use the SAS system, data has to be either feed in the SAS or excel format. Output can be in PDF format, HTML or excel.

Why Do Candidates Prefer Tech data Solution for SAS Training In Mumbai and Pune?

We offer the best SAS training in Mumbai as well as the amazing SAS training in Pune. We focus on all our candidates individually and our aim has always been the 100% student satisfaction.

  • All our SAS trainers offering the SAS training are highly qualified and have proven the expertise of working in SAS industry with 10+ years of experience.
  • All the training materials are designed and properly researched by experienced experts from big MNCs.
  • After completion of the SAS training in Pune or in Mumbai at At Techdata Solutions, you will be working on a real-life project and on successful submission; you will be getting a certificate which has global acceptance.
  • Job Opportunity

    Taking up the SAS training can really be beneficial for you as the scope is very high for this technology. The sectors like financial companies, banks, insurance firms including Citi, HSBC, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan, etc are heavily using the SAS platform in their businesses.

    There are multiple job profiles associated with SAS including, SAS analyst, Customer analytics manager, Database programmer, Business analyst, and ETL specialist, etc.

    The opportunities widen up once you become a skilled professional in SAS. All the major MNCs like Wipro, TCS, IBM, etc look forward to candidates who have great knowledge of the concepts and who can handle things independently. The salary packages are also good for SAS professionals.


    • What you will learn by the end of the SAS training in Mumbai & Pune at Techdata Solution?

      Once you complete the training at Techdata solution, you will know:

      • Introduction about the SAS tool
      • Learn the calculator of R
      • About stacks, strsplit and merge functionalities
      • Integration with Hadoop
      • Graphs and reports of SAS
      • Matrix manipulation understanding
      • Advanced concepts of SAS and the application
      • Various operators of SAS, logical statements and functions.
    • The average salary for a SAS Professional?

      A SAS professional on an average earns around Rs 442,563 per year. This number keeps on varying based upon your knowledge, profile, and experience of course. More skilled and knowledgeable you are, better are the chances of growth and hikes in salary. Therefore, it is good to take up the SAS training in Pune or in Mumbai at Tech Data Solutions in order to get all the required skills.

    • Other benefits while undergoing SAS Training in Mumbai and Pune with TechData solutions

      Our aim is always to make the candidates skilled and knowledgeable so that they can withstand the competition of the market and showcase their skills properly in an organization. Once you take up the training with us, you will get:

      • 100% placement assistance
      • Support as and when required. You can give us a call anytime for any type of assistance required during the training and even once the training completes.
      • On successful completion of the training and project, all the candidates are given the SAS certificate which has global acceptance. It will definitely be an added advantage to your resume.
      • The sessions are highly interactive in order to improve your communication skills as well.
      • The curriculum is designed in such a way that there is no mandatory prerequisite for it. You just need to have the willingness to learn in order to join the course and rest we will make sure that you are able to learn things properly.
      Which companies are hiring SAS Professionals?

      Almost all the big MNCs are using SAS. Some of the major brands with great job opportunities are:

      • Infosys
      • Wipro
      • IBM
      • Accenture
      • Capgemini
      • CrossTab
      • Modelytics
      Do I get job support at the end of this course?

      Once you will complete SAS training in Mumbai or in Pune in our institute , we will be providing 100% job assistance. You will be regularly prepared with the help of mock interviews in order to crack the real interviews. We will be sharing the most frequently asked questions of interviews and also share the openings based on your skills and interests. We have a tie-up with multiple brands and you will definitely get a good job. We also help with resume building and share your profile across the companies.

      What roles are offered by companies for SAS professionals?

      There are multiple job profiles associated with SAS including:

      • SAS Analyst
      • SAS Programmer
      • SAS Programmer
      • Customer analytics manager
      • Decision analyst
      • ETL specialist
      • Business analyst
      • Database programmer
      • Report programmer

      There are many more roles available based on your knowledge and interest.

      Where else you provide the SAS training?

      We provide the SAS training in Mumbai and Pune and Thane as well.

      Where should I contact to know more about the course?

      You can always call us on +91 9769066624 to get more information about the SAS course. Also, you can visit our official website to know about the course contents and all the other necessary details. You can also drop us a mail on and we will get back to you surely.