Cloud Computing  certification training in Mumbai

Cloud Computing certification training in Mumbai | AWS and GCP (Google Cloud Platform ) Certification training course in Mumbai

Present Day Status of Cloud Computing System in Collaboration with AWS & GCP(Google Cloud Platform)

With the revolution in modern industries and business strategies, cloud computation along with AWS and GCP certification courses have become very important for everyone. Even if you are a fresher but you have done any of these certification courses; you will get higher preferences compared to someone who doesn't have. From digital marketing to service providing; adapting modern technologies and strategies have become very common. And why would it not be? These latest technologies and trends not just make things easier but also cut down a lot of costs from the maintenances. So learn from our Cloud Computing Training in Mumbai and grab the best opportunity for your career.

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Present Day Status of Cloud Computing System in Collaboration with AWS & GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

With our fast-growing industrial development, the need to learn different types of programming languages is also increasing, especially the cloud computing systems. These courses not just enhance your work efficiency but also give you exposure in the topmost career opportunities. By learning cloud computing along with AWS and GCP courses you will be able to perform well in your given projects and fields as well as will brush up our analytical and creative thinking abilities. Our Cloud Computing Training in Mumbai will guide you properly to land your dream job effortlessly.

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a storage platform to help the businesses grow with its secure cloud services, such as content delivery, compute power, database storage, and many other services. The increasing demand for investing in AWS is due to its cutting down large scale infrastructures, which exert a lot of money from the companies and individuals as well.

This service is also effective for them, who want to start their own business. In most of the cases, the startups cannot invest much in the large infrastructures. For the same reason, they seek helps from AWS. So, if you are planning to build your business empire and facing deficiency in money, then learning our AWS training in Mumbai will help you a lot to channelize your money in other necessities.

GCP is one of the top-most sources of computation, which helps the web to run and deploy various applications. Google Cloud Platform tracks all the information and resources, such as data storage, database queries, network connectivity, power processing, etc. which is beneficial for all the clients as well as for the service providers. Due to its wide applications, almost all of the companies prefer to invest in this.

Choosing the GCP certification course will help you to stand in a spotlight in a pool of job seekers, as the recruiters will choose those candidates who are not just experienced but also have knowledge over the latest business technologies. Our GCP (Google Cloud Platform) training courses in Mumbai will help you to ace any interview with this extra knowledge on such an important programming language.

In the present status, it is very important to learn and modify your skills according to the need. And right now, these cloud computing skills along with AWS and GCP certification courses are high in demand.

These special features help the companies to cut down their high maintenance charges along with huge employment costs. When such huge work can be simply done by an efficient worker, then why would they hire someone without these skills? This is why the salary for these jobs is also very high. So, learning any of these courses will hike your career.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing With AWS And GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Course?

With a lot of different types of data from everywhere, such as file storage, web servers, data processing services, and applications; it is difficult to analyze huge amounts of data within a short time. But our GCP (Google Cloud Platform) training courses in Mumbai along with Cloud computing technology make it easier to sort those data accordingly just with the web connection. Most of the fast-growing companies and industries are engaging their storage into cloud computing.

This cloud computing method lowers a lot of service costs for both the business and individuals, as there is no need to seek help from large and expensive software service companies. This system eases the determination of where you are spending extra and where you need to employ more finance supports without going through any struggles.

Cloud computing skill is grouped into three categories and they are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The free storage of this system gives never-ending storage so that anyone can store their data without worrying about the limitations.

With a stable internet connection, all of those stored information can be gathered. This storage also reduces the cost of servicing as well as occupies a very small place. So, if you are planning your startup, then investing in cloud computation will be the best.

Cloud storage can produce the desired information within minutes just with a few mouse clicks. This helps the individual company in saving time and pressure as well.

IT teams have to give keen eyes to the hardware setups, software handling, and various other time-consuming IT management chores. The cloud computing system serves a lot of those works, thus saving time for the IT teams.

The regular updates from worldwide networking help the system for staying up to date. This single operating system serves a lot of additional functions for which the company does not require hiring people. So join our Cloud Computing Training in Mumbai to enhance your work efficiency.

AWS services; coupled with cloud computing systems are more secure than the self-hosted company's website. This is because, even if a natural disaster or accident happens to a location, it will not affect the data from other centers. This feature helps the company to keep its secret policies hidden away from others with top-notch AWS security. Not just that but if any problem arises, they solve it quickly without troubling anyone.

Previously used hardware is not being used by the companies due to their high maintenance costs. Not to forget the never-ending investment in any startup companies, where it will require a lot of funds just for maintenance. This is why most of the leading companies are investing in AWS services and hiring people with good AWS interpretation skills.

AWS services can balance the load by simply distributing it automatically across multiple Amazon sources.

The in-built analytical feature of AWS can resolve the cloud-based real-time data easily. It can work efficiently for a large source of data as well. Apart from these services, AWS also serves some additional functions. So, learn from our AWS training in Mumbai for succeeding in your fields.

GCP is mainly used when you have to build and run an application, which can extract the data from the hyper-scale data sources to reach worldwide users. The main motives of GCP are Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Container Engine.

It has a versatile function in offering services like storage, networking, big data, machine learning, cloud management, development, and security tools. We give you detailed knowledge on each of the functions of GCP so that you can give your 100% work efficiency in any given field.

Apart from the low maintenance; per second billing, discounts, custom machine types, and self-regulating features are the key factors in reducing the costs effectively. The integrated services and quick collaborations between the service providers and the users help the company to grow their user counts immediately. Our GCP training courses in Mumbai are always up to date with the latest technologies and trends. So you will get to learn the latest technologies as well without pondering over the backdated technologies.

All of these intrinsic, as well as extrinsic features of Google Cloud Platform, can be easily learned with us along with our certification courses. Apart from our GCP training courses in Mumbai, we also provide a lot of online classes on different types of programming languages. You can join us for AWS training in Mumbai. These programming languages play a vital role in boosting the company's growth in global markets. So, learning from our experts will make you stand in a spotlight while you apply for a job interview in any top-notch MNCs. Our expert guides are always up to date with the latest technologies and market requirements. So, joining our GCP courses will be a good choice for you, as with such a vast array of its applications, companies will hire someone with good knowledge over the service.

So, now that you get a detailed insight over these tech-based services, join us immediately to secure the best career paths for you. The versatility of these programming languages is growing proportionately. But the days are not so far that everyone will come with these qualifications. We offer all types of programming languages and cloud computation courses, which will benefit you in Artificial Intelligence, IT, creative productions, and many more. Better to hurry up and get experienced soon with our utmost care and proper guidance.

AWS and GCP (Google Cloud Platform ) certification training Features

Instructor-led Sessions

80 Hours of Classroom Classes. Weekend Class : 20+ sessions of 3 to 4 hours each.

Real-life Case Studies

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the various AWS Architect services.


Each class will be followed by practical assignments.

Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access to the study material which includes presentations, quizzes, installation guide, class recordings and real time projects.

24 x 7 Expert Support

Get lifetime access to our 24x7 online support team who will resolve all your technical queries through a ticket based tracking system.

24 x 7 Expert Support

Get lifetime access to our 24x7 online support team who will resolve all your technical queries through a ticket based tracking system.


Successfully complete your final course project and Techdata solution will certify you as a Cloud Computing with AWS and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).


AWS Courses and Training

  • Cloud Computing

    What is Cloud Computing - Evolution of Cloud Computing - Business use cases of Cloud computing - Designing Highly Available, Costefficient, Fault-tolerant, and Scalable Systems - How to design Cloud Services - Planning and Designing- Monitoring and Logging - Hybrid IT architectures

    Cloud Computing
  • AWS Overview

    History & Evolution of AWS - AWS Services - Creating & Accessing AWS Account - Exploring AWS Management Console - Understanding AWS Global Infrastructure - Understanding AWS Security Measures

  • Identity Access Managemen(IAM)

    Identity and Access Management (IAM) - IAM Overview and Policies - IAM Users, Groups, and Roles - IAM Best Practices - IAM Users, Groups, and Roles - IAM Best Practices - Creating users, Administrator Group, Roles, adding user to group - Configuring IAM Access

    course Identity Access Managemen
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) & How to create it - Amazon VPC and Subnets - Networking - Using Security Groups and Network ACLs - Amazon VPC Best Practices and Costs - Designing a Custom VPC

    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery - Overview and Products for Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

    Cloud Compute with AWS - Amazon EC2 Overview - How to create EC2 - Amazon Machine Images (AMI) - Launch and connect to an EC2 Linux instance Demo 1 - Launch and connect to an EC2 Windows instance Demo 2 - Create an AMI Demo 3 - Introduction to EC2 Instance Types - Overview of Amazon EBS - EBS Volume: Creating & Attaching it - EBS Snapshots: Creating & restoring EBS Volume from snapshot - EC2 Pricing - Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) - Auto Scaling - AWS Services - AWS Lambda Demo - Amazon Elastic Container Service - EC2 Best Practices and Costs - Configure ELB

    Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3)

    What is Storage & Content Delivery - Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) - S3 Overview and Buckets - Creating, Deleting, Managing & Usage of S3 - Version Control and Lifecycle Management - CloudFront and CDNs - Security and Encryption - Amazon Import - Export Snowball - S3 Best Practices and Costs - Create an Amazon S3 bucket - Amazon Elastic File System - Amazon Glacier - Amazon Storage Gateway - Amazon Import Export - Elastic Block Storage of AWS

  • Managed Services & Databases

    Databases - Databases Overview - AWS Managed Services & Databases - Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) - AMI Databases - Amazon DynamoDB: Creating tables and performing operations - Amazon Redshift - Amazon ElastiCache - Amazon Aurora - AWS Database Migration Services (DMS) - Database Best Practices and Costs

    Managed Services & Databases
  • Application Services

    AWS Application Services - Amazon Elastic Transcoder - Amazon Workspaces - Application Services Best Practices and Costs - Amazon SNS

  • Security Practices & Troubleshooting

    Security Practices for Optimum Cloud Deployment - AWS Responsibilities and Security Attributes - Knowledge Check - AWS CloudFormation and Design patterns - Creating stack - Amazon Cloudwatch Metrics & Acquiring Statistics - Working with Alarms - Troubleshooting and Support

    Security Practices & Troubleshooting

GCP(Google Cloud Platform) Courses and Training

  • GCP Overview

    GCP Infrastructure - Compute resources - Networking Services - Storage and Database offering - Bigdata and AI services - Basics of GCP Project - Introduction to Primitive role - Setup GCP account

  • Managing GCP Services

    Managing GCP environment with GCP console - Control GCP environment using CLI - GCP environment management using Cloud Shell - GCP environment management using Gcloud - GCP environment management using Gsutil - Install and configure cloud SDK - Add components to use the Gcloud tool to manage GCP resources - Using Gsutil tool do file operations

  • GCP Networking Services

    Cloud Virtual Network - Virtual Private Network - Virtual Private Cloud - Proxies / Gateway and Endpoints - Network/Subnetwork - DNS Resolution - Firewalls and Routes - Cloud Router - Interconnecting networks - Security aspect - Create virtual private network with multiple subnets and apply firewall rules

  • GCP IAM and Security Services

    Understand IAM - Understanding Organizations, Roles, Members, Service accounts, Policy - Policy Hierarchy - Understanding different role and permission - Creating custom role - Basic IAM APIs - Best Practices - Key Management Systems - Data security - Resource Sharing and Isolation - Auditing - Penetration testing - Security controls - Define various roles and policy of GCP environment

  • GCP Compute Services

    Understand Compute Engine - Understand and implement Compute options (vCPU and Memory) specific to workload - Persistent disk ? HDD, SSD - Load Balancing - Common Compute Engine actions - Create Custom Machine Types optimized for specific needs - Creating VM instance using CLI - Working with Virtual Machine ? Attaching persistent disk to VM

  • GCP Storage & Database Services

    Understand Cloud Storage ? Nearline, Coldline - Cloud SQL - Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore - Cloud Bigtable - Pros and cons of storage option and how to choose - Understanding Billing aspect of storage options - Tradeoff of storage options - Integration with on premises/multi-cloud environment - Working with Cloud Storage Buckets - Working with VM And Storing Results on Cloud Storage - How to use Gsutil tool to manage cloud storage - Host your website

  • Containers

    Understand Containers and their benefits - Kubernetes Engine, Container Registry - How to use Kubernetes Load Balancing - How to choose Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, or Containers on Compute Engine - Creating A Kubernetes Cluster

  • Cloud Dataflow for Data Processing

    Dataflow services - Stream and Batch processing - Apache Beam SDK - Monitoring using Stackdriver - Data transformation with Cloud Data flow - Working with Dataproc - Creating Cluster - Managing cluster - Automation of jobs

  • GCP APIs & Development Services

    Infrastructure automation, Images, Metadata, Scripts, Google Cloud API - Cloud Pub/Sub, API Management, Cloud Functions, Cloud Source Repositories, Specialty APIs - App Engine - How to use Google Stackdriver : Overview, Integration, Monitoring, Logging, Error reporting - Tracing - Implement & Configure Deployment Manager, Cloud Launcher - Deploying Applications Using App Engine

  • GCP DevOps Services

    Setup CI/CD - Setting up Jenkins on Container engine - Deploy application on Jenkins - Create deployment pipeline in Jenkins - Create and Deploy on cluster - Deploy development and production environment - Analysis & Troubleshooting - Set up a continuous delivery pipeline using Jenkins and deploy an application to Kubernetes

  • Designing & Implementing GCP Migration

    Collect and Analyze metrics - Evaluate and choose an automation framework for provisioning resources in cloud - Design strategy - Create Migration Plan - Move local data to GCP


  • Will I get Free demo before Enroll I for the Course ?

    Yes we arrange face to face meeting with our faculty .You can ask whatever queries you have related Cloud computing With AWS and GCP training.

  • What if I miss a class?

    You will never miss a lecture at Techdata Solution You can choose either of the two options:

    • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
    • You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.
  • Will I get placement assistance?
    • We Offer 100% Placement Assistance at Techdata Solution .
    • We have corporate tie ups ,after Completing training Techdata Solution Team process your profile to corporate to fetch relevant opportunities for you.
  • What if I have queries after I complete this course?
    • You get 24x7 lifetime access to our Support Team who will help resolve your queries during and after the course
  • How soon after signing up will I get access to the course content?
    • After enrollment, you will get instant lifetime access to the LMS and classroom sessions . You will be able to access the complete set of previous class recordings, presentations, PDFs, assignments, etc. Moreover, you will immediately get access to our 24x7 support team so that you can start learning right away.
  • Is the course material accessible to the students even after the course training is over?
    • Yes! All learners get lifetime access to all course material once you have enrolled.
  • What is the average salary of an AWS and GCP certified professional?
    • AWS and GCP certified professionals are in great demand in the job market. With more and more organizations looking to move into cloud, AWS and GCP certified professionals earn an average between $130,000 to 180,000 depending on their experience and the kind of project they are handling.
  • How will this course help me pass the AWS and GCP certifications exam?
    • Techdata Solution AWS and GCP certification training will help you understand all the concepts necessary to clear the certification exam and look for a job in cloud computing. With Classroom sessions and a 24x7 support system, we will make sure your learning objectives are fulfilled.
  • What are a few possible career paths and opportunities in AWS and GCP?
    • A lot of opportunities will open up for you once you clear the AWS and GCP Certification exam. You can apply for roles such as Cloud Developer, Cloud Systems Engineer, GCP Developer , GCP solution architect , AWS Solutions Architect, and AWS SysOps Admin will be a good fit.
  • Is AWS and GCP Certifications worth it?
    • The AWS and GCP certifications holds great value in today's job market. Having this in your resume can help open up lots of job opportunities for you. AWS and GCP certified professionals draw the best packages in the cloud computing space, which certainly is a big testament to how widely used AWS and GCP services are today.
  • How do I get AWS and GCP Certified?
    • First, you need to learn about cloud computing and our extensive list of blogs and tutorials will help you with that. Once you have grasped the basic concepts, it's time to take up our AWS and GCP Certification training to master AWS cloud computing. After completing the course, you are now ready to fill the exam form, pick a date and clear the certification!
  • Why should I take an Classroom AWS and GCP Certification course? How is it better than an online course?
    • Learning has evolved with the advent of technology. Classroom Training is convenient way to understand any technology in better way .At the end of each session you can still seat with faculty for more assistance or to get solutions to your all Quires . With our 24x7 support system, our learners will have someone to help them all the time even after the class ends. We also provide life-time access of our updated course material to all our learners.
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