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Artificial Intelligence Course in Mumbai & Pune

Humans possess natural intelligence, machines possess artificial intelligence. This is the simplest definition of artificial intelligence. But what exactly is the intelligence that machines possess? According to computer science, an AI machine identifies the ?intelligent elements? in its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. An AI is designed to replicate the cognitive functions of the human mind, which includes important traits such as learning, decision making and problem-solving. An AI machine learns the data it has and correctly interprets it. Then, it makes a decision and uses only the required data which will help to solve the problem. Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming an important technology in the domain of computer science and many companies are looking to adopt it for more efficient work. Techdata solution? Artificial intelligence course in Pune can help a person learn how AI is put in to use and how the phenomenon is creating wonders around the world.

Techdata Solution has initiated an artificial intelligence certification course for participants who are interested in learning the concepts of artificial intelligence. We are providing the best support and knowledge to build and successfully create specialists in artificial intelligence, who will get complete access to practical applications and gain experience with a handful of exercises that we provide. We also provide an artificial intelligence course in Mumbai, with our 24*7 assistance for the participants who come to pursue this training from our institute.

Reasons for undertaking this training

Techdata solutions have all the needful online courses that will help the participants understand a detailed knowledge about what AI is. Anyone who completes this certification course has the following benefits:

  • Problem-solving approaches s - The field of AI is riddled with problems like reasoning, problem-solving, perception, general intelligence, social intelligence, so on and so forth. Our course teaches various modern approaches like Cybernetics and brain simulation, statistical learning, search optimization, and logic.
  • Our hands-on experience will make sure that the participants will have a smooth transition from theoretical training to practical training.
  • Participants will be taught from the basic concepts to the most advanced ones.
  • The entire curriculum is up to date with the modern day advancements in artificial technology.
  • Participants will be accustomed to all the tools used in artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistical programming.

The Career Opportunities

The absolute best part of choosing the field of artificial intelligence as your career is the industrial diversity it possesses. Here?s a list of industries that require the services of an AI professional

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Finance and economics
  • Government
  • Video games
  • Military
  • Audit
  • Advertising
  • Art

The demand for AI professionals is increasing and thus, the people who have a certification course in artificial intelligence will be on the forefront to get jobs with good pay. With up to 9 different industries and more, that are seeking to recruit AI professionals, the job opportunities will only tend to grow. Keeping these aspects in mind, Techdata Solution has started a well sought artificial intelligence training course in Pune and Mumbai.

Why should you join our institute?

There are several reasons that make our institute the best place to get an AI certification in Mumbai and Pune. Here are some

  • Our curriculum is based on hours of research and our training is based on industry-based projects.
  • The best professionals in this industry teach our courses.
  • We provide online courses, E-books and many samples of interview questions that help a candidate prepare for upcoming interviews.
  • We provide complete WIFI access for our students.
  • Our placement facility works hard to ensure that the students get placed in top MNCs. This is one of the main objectives of Techdata solutions.
  • Mock tests are regularly conducted to ensure students are well versed with the exam

Specialized Trainers

Techdata Solution provides its participants with the specialized trainers who are very experienced and are also taught by industry professionals, who are working in top multinational companies, to help the participants get detailed learning of each topic.