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Blockchain certification courses

Blockchain is transforming the way the world works, the future of sectors like finance ,supermarket ,energy resources ,healthcare could be dominated by blockchain technologies. Experienced blockchain developers are in demand and the technology underlying blockchain is still in its infancy. Techdata solution Blockchain courses will help you understand the underlying mechanisms of Bitcoin transaction systems, Ethereum & Hyperledger, concepts like Cryptography & Cryptocurrency and other technologies which will help you take advantage of the career opportunities in Blockchain.

Why should you take Blockchain course ?

  • According to the World Economic Forum, 10% of the world's GDP will be on Blockchain related technologies by 2025
  • Average yearly salary for "Blockchain Developer" ranges from $85k for Application Developer to $115k for Senior Software Engineer as per indeed.com
  • According to the census, it is found that only 0.5% of the world’s population are using blockchain today, but 50% or 3.77 billion people use the internet, so there is an opportunity to walk ahead of the world and learn Blockchain.

Who should take this Blockchain Training Course?

  • Any Graduate or Post-Graduate student who is aspiring for a wonderful career towards the dynamic technologies
  • Corporate employees who are looking forward to implement latest technologies in their organization in order to meet the ongoing & forthcoming challenges of data management
  • Software Engineers who wish to explore the exciting job opportunities worldwide.

What are the prerequisites for learning Blockchain?

There are no prerequisites for learning the digital currency infrastructure blockchain technology.

What are the Blockchain job opportunities in India?

India is biggest country and home to top companies around the world and some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies. Due to this there is an inherent demand for professional who have the required skills for working on the blockchain technology. This needs the individuals to be trained in the blockchain technology and get certified.