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Sas Course Certification

In this SAS Certification Training you'll turn into a specialist in examination methods utilizing the SAS information science instrument. You'll figure out how to apply information control and enhancement systems; progressed measurable ideas like bunching, straight relapse and choice trees; information investigation strategies to tackle certifiable business issues and prescient displaying methods. This SAS Certification course will give you handy learning you can apply on your next information investigation work.

Course description

What skills will you learn?

  • Comprehend the part of information researchers, different investigation strategies, and generally utilized apparatuses
  • Pick up a comprehension of SAS, the part of GUI, library proclamations, bringing in and sending out of information and variable properties
  • Pick up an inside and out comprehension of insights, speculation testing, and propelled measurements procedures like bunching, choice trees, direct relapse, and strategic relapse
  • Take in the different methods for consolidating and changing datasets like connection, interleaving, balanced combining and perusing. You will likewise take in the different SAS capacities and methodology for information control
  • Comprehend PROC SQL, its linguistic structure, and ace the different PROC articulations and ensuing factual methodology utilized for examination including PROC UNIVARIATE, PROC MEANS, PROC FREQ, PROC CORP, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Comprehend the energy of SAS Macros and how they can be utilized for quicker information control and for lessening the measure of consistent SAS code required for examination
  • Pick up an inside and out comprehension of the different sorts of Macro factors, Macro capacity SYMBOLGEN System choices, SQL provisos, and the %Macro explanation
  • Learn and perform information investigation procedures utilizing SAS
  • Comprehend different time arrangement models and work on those utilizing SAS
  • Demonstrate, detail, and unravel information improvement by utilizing SAS and OPTMODEL methodology

SAS is presumably the most regularly utilized device in examination industry. While individuals may have diverse suppositions about its manageability and highlights contrasted with different instruments like R and Python – two things are without a doubt:

  • A solid piece of the pie – SAS still holds the greatest piece of the pie as far as job seven in cutting edge advertise like the US and the UK, the activity piece of the pie of SAS would be no less than 40%. In nations like India, it would be over 70%.
  • Simplicity of learning and marvellous help – Among every one of the apparatuses I know, SAS would most likely qualify as the least demanding to learn. The dialect is simple and can be gotten immediately even by tenderfoots.
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Our Vision

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Our Mission

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