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Data Science Training in Mumbai

About Data Science Training Course

Looking for best institute for Data Science Training in Mumbai, At Tech Data Solutions experienced working professionals are offering the Data Science training to the candidates.. Each and Every concept is taught practically with real-life examples in our Data Science Training institute. If you want to enroll for data science training in Mumbai, then Tech Data Solutions is the Right place.

Data science Training

By the End of Data Science Training in Mumbai at Tech Data Solutions, you will learn?

The things that you will learn in data science are:

  • Importance and Meaning of data science
  • Performing of all steps in data science
  • Gaining a foundation of understanding of business analytics
  • Learning about different R packages
  • Getting a basic understanding of statistical concepts
  • Understanding and using the various
  • Classification techniques of data analysis
  • Usage of linear and non-linear regression models
  • Using various Apriori algorithm
  • Using the hypothesis method to make business decisions
  • Learning clustering models like DBSCAN, K means, etc.

Top Factors which makes us the Best Data Science Training Institute in Mumbai?

Data science is already been the hottest job in the market. Almost all the big MNCs are having high profile data scientists with them to work on the massive and bulk data and let the workflow be smooth. But mark my words; they are looking only for the skilled data scientists who know how to deal with the bulk data and to get useful insights out of it.

In order to become one of them, it is always recommended to take up the data science course so that you can attain all the necessary skills that an organization is looking for. Here is the list of some of the top factors why we are one of the best institutes providing Data Science Training in Mumbai.

    • Flexible classes
    • We have Data Science training on weekdays as well as the weekend. Also, the classes are commenced online. So, you can take up the classes as per your convenience, no restrictions from our end.

      Highly experienced trainers

      Our trainers providing the Data Science Training in Mumbai are all having more than 10+years of experience. They have in-depth knowledge of all the concepts and thus you will be in the safe hands for the brighter future.

    • Practical-oriented course
    • The Data Science training offered by us is fully practical based. We do not focus on theory more rather with each concept there are real-life examples associated with giving a clear cut understanding of each and every concept of data science.

    • Many positive reviews
    • We are ranked as one of the best institutes offering Data Science training in Mumbai. We have got many positive reviews from our existing students who are already at successful positions in the industry.

    • Up to date syllabus
    • The syllabus is designed in such a way that everything required is being covered. We have a standard syllabus which keeps on getting updated with the coming changes in the market and with new coming technology.

    • Industry-based project
    • At the end of the Data Science training from our institute, you will be working on one real-life project which will tell you your abilities, learning, and gaps.

Our data science training Objective

At Techdata Solutions, we are aimed to deliver the best Data Science Training in Mumbai. The course is designed in such a manner that you will get to learn in-depth about all the concepts of data science, how to use them, why to use them and where to use them. You will get new wings in your career and will be able to take up multiple associated roles.

    • Through real-time training, we focus to provide a deeper understanding of all the topics.
    • With our Data Science training, you will be prepared for every level of interviews so that you can easily crack them and get settled in a big MNC.
    • The trainers will always be sharing their real-life experiences with you so that you get better industry based knowledge and what type of work can come to you in the future.
    • The team is always there to support all the candidates for solving the queries, working on projects and assignments and even if any help is required after the course completion.
    • In the end, we make sure that each and every candidate has all the required skills to become a top-level data scientist.

About the course

The training is designed to provide knowledge & skills to become a finest Data Scientist/Business Analyst by detailing from the very basics to complex concepts & models of the statistical programming languages R & Python, covering - reading data, programming basics, visualization, data munging, regression, classification, clustering, modern machine learning and more.
Well-designed challenging, practical and focused hands-on exercises are embedded as part of the course.

what is data science

  • Analysis: A process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it.
  • Analytics: A science of doing analysis that involves combination of potential skills, advanced technologies and processes used by firm to gain business insights from data, which in turn helps in business planning.
  • Data Science: Branch of Science that employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, and information technology includes probability models, machine learning, statistical learning, computer programming, pattern recognition and learning, visualization, predictive analytics etc. It heavily influences economics, business and finance.

Why to Learn Data Science

According to McKinsey, with a $14.4 billion revenue, the growing global analytics market requires 190,000 analytics professionals to tackle the exploding data across different verticals. Top companies like Amazon, Google, Oracle Corporation,IBM, Microsoft and Dell are looking for certified and skilled analysts to take on the data scenario, hiring lot of data scientists.

Advantages of Data Science Certification Courses in Mumbai

Frankly speaking, data science is everywhere now. Wherever you go, whatsoever is the industry, everyone has to deal with data and that too million tons of data. To deal out, you should have enough knowledge to work on that data and get useful insights. But the question is how to get this knowledge. These days there is no dearth of the data science course but it is important to find out where you get the best.

There are multiple advantages of taking up the Data Science training in Mumbai at Techdata Solutions:

  • With the certification, you get the eligibility to sit in company interviews. The certification acts as proof of your knowledge.
  • You get to know the working methods on data and what power a data scientist has.
  • You get the awareness of the industry with the trainers and how to keep pace with the technology.
  • Job Opportunity

    Once you are done with the data science training in Mumbai with us, there will be ample of job opportunities waiting for you. The only demand for time is your full proof knowledge that you will definitely get from us. According to many surveys, there is a great opportunity for job seekers in this field and demand keeps on increasing.

      • There are many businesses who offer a bright career to data science certified students.
      • Many organizations are now looking for employees who are already trained rather than training their own employees.

      Many organizations are now looking for employees who are already trained rather than training their own employees.


    • What is Data Science?

      Data science is considered a blending of various algorithms, tools, and machine learning in order to achieve the goal of discovering the hidden patterns from such raw data. Data science is something which is an improvised way or the new version that does what statistics does in order to find a more detailed solution to the problem. It is a branch of science which basically employs theories and techniques which redrawn from the various field like statistics, computer programming, IT, maths, etc. It is said that it is the future of AI. It has evolved over a time span of 50 years though it is not a new profession.

    • Why should you choose Data Science?

      According to a data scientist, the analytic market which is growing every day requires approx 1,90,000 analytic professionals in order to tackle the exploding data across different verticals. Well, renowned companies like Oracle, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are looking for skilled and certified data analysts to hire a lot of data analysts.

    • What is the average pay scale for Data Scientist?

      The average pay scale of a data scientist is around 7 Lakhs per annum to 40 lakhs per annum, depending upon how well skilled, and how much experience a person has in the field of data science. More the experience and skills, more the salary a person gets.

    • What is the course all about?

      The course is all about giving one a detailed knowledge of the different data analytics that can be performed by one using R. It constitutes of case studies along with real-life projects. It also gives detailed know-how of the R language, by gaining a data structure of R along with performing data visualizations using graphic which is available in R.

    • Why Choose Techdata Solutions for Data Science Training in Mumbai?

      One should learn data science from Tech data solutions because:

      • It has a predestined schedule
      • It has an individual learning plan
      • It has the required, updated software
      • It uses PPT and hand on exercises to tutor students
      • It gives personalized feedback
      • It provides a classroom teaching
      • It provides soft copy and also a hard copy of books
      • Conducts a mock interview to prepare students for further
      • It has a 24/7 support service
      • It is a certified institution
      What skill I will learn in Data Science Training?

      Following are some of the skills that you will be learning with the Data Science Training

      • R and Python programming language
      • Data skills including the databases like MySql, NoSQL, Oracle, Postgre and MSSQL, etc.
      • Data visualization including working on plots, graphs and understanding geographical differences, correlation, deviation, and ranking, etc.
      • Statistical modeling wherein you will generate sample data out of massive data.
      • Machine learning algorithms
      • Big data
      How Data Science Training will help in our career?

      The big companies always look for people who have relevant skills and experience. The real-time project taken up during the data science training will add up as an advantage. The training will focus on the complete syllabus with rigorous assignments. The live project will help in getting all the concepts cleared.

    • What Are The Different Modes Of Training that, Tech Data Solutions Provides?

      The different modes of training provided at Tech data solutions are:

      • Weekend batches, where one class per week of 3-4 hours will be conducted. It can be attended either Saturday or Sunday
      • Fast track batch, where the classes can be attended daily to finish the course asap.
      • Online training is also available
      • Customize training, which means that the pieces of training can be altered according to the requirements of the project and also the engineers of the organization can be trained by this institution.
    • Can I Request For A Support Session If I Need To Better Understand The Topics?

      Yes, a support session can be requested if the students are required to better understand the topics. Techdata Solutions help the students in getting the in-depth knowledge of the topics by clearing the concepts of the pieces of training.

    • Key Features of Data science Training?

      Taking up the Data science Training in Mumbai can be a smart choice as:

      • You will get to learn all the concepts deeply.
      • The class timings are very flexible to choose from
      • During the entire course, you will be analyzing the real-time data provided by us and will be able to submit the reports.
      • All the trainers are highly experienced
    • What Kind Of Projects Are Included As Part Of The Training?

      The kind of projects included as part of training are:

        • Telecommunications
        • Banking
        • Movielens dataset analysis
        • Sales performance analysis
        • Identification of best agents
        • Extraction of social media information
        • Prediction of sales for large supermarkets
        • Retail, E-commerce, Education, Insurance, Healthcare, etc.
    • Does TechData Solutions Offer Job Assistance?

      Tech data solutions offer job assistance by giving a guarantee of placements with some of the top companies of India with good pay. It is a certified institution, which makes it one of the best institutes of India.

      What jobs can I get after completion of data science training?

      You can land up getting a job as:

        • Data engineer
        • Data scientist
        • Senior data scientist
        • Data analyst
        • Data designer and the list continues
      Which are the top companies hiring data science Professional?

      Major MNCs include:

        • Infosys
        • Wipro
        • Amazon
        • Flipkart
        • Snapdeal
        • Urban ladder and many more


    1. I had a wonderful experience learning data science from tech data solutions. The course helped me a lot by boosting my career. It has helped me become confident which is one thing I am most grateful for. The guidance and constant reminders that I availed from them was highly commendable. Thank you Techdata Solutions!

    2. Techdata Solutions was recommended to me by one of my neighbors. And I must say I had a great experience learning from them. The courses are updated from time to time and the team also aims at giving one space and time to learn and their own pace. I would highly recommend others as well to go for their other courses as well according to their individual experiences.

    6. Techdata Solutions is a top-notch website that has helped me a lot. It has helped me in adding more value to my CV. The certification provided by them helped me in getting a job in one of the best companies in my city along with a hike in my salary. Thank you Techdata solutions for your support and guidance.

    7. Techdata solutions offered me much more than what I expected. According to me, Techdata is one place where one can genuinely embark a successful career with their help. They offered me the best training course by making the learning effortless and enjoyable at the same time. I was also able to avail the support session to get a clear understanding of the topics which was the best part. It was worth spending. Thanks, The data Solutions team for a great experience.