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About Data Science Training Course

At Tech Data solutions, we provide the best in class Data science training in Pune. There is a long list of evergreen technologies where we train the candidates to get a bright and successful future. We are on the list of top IT training institute in Pune, Mumbai and many other cities. Our aim has been always to provide quality learning to the candidates so that they can withstand in this tough competitive market and able to work on all sort of requirements coming up in their respective projects.

With our courses like data science course in Pune, you will get to learn the concepts in the most practical way. The team of highly qualified and experienced trainers offers excellent training along with superb infrastructure in order to keep you upgraded with all the emerging trends of the IT world. All the batches come with limited size so that individual learner can be focused upon. The problems of each and every person are heard carefully by our expert trainers and are resolved in no time. The experienced trainers train all the candidates for job interviews and how actually the work is done in the industries. Our goal is always to provide the best data science course in Mumbai and other cities of India.

Once the training is completed, you will get a good experience of transforming all your ideas into the real applications. The hands-on training with a real-life project and placement assistance have provided success to many professionals till now and we will continue doing this good work to get many more people settled in the IT industry.

Data science Training

Top Factors which makes us the Best Data Science Training Institute in Pune

  • Practical-oriented learning
  • During the entire Data science training in Pune, you will be made familiar with multiple real-life examples for each and every concept. We do not believe in just imparting theoretical knowledge. Theory can make you learn the definitions but will not teach you where to apply the concepts. Our practical based learning will get you to know the real concepts behind anything, why it has to be done, where it has to be done and very importantly how it has to be done.

  • Flexible schedule
  • We completely understand that you might be busy sometime. So, we have planned flexible class schedules for our data science course in Pune. The classes are held on weekends as well as weekdays and along with this, we have online classes too. Hence, you can join the classes according to your suitability and time.

  • Expert trainers
  • All the trainers available for providing the training for the data science course in Pune are highly experienced and have complete knowledge of the concepts. They have experience of working in big MNCs and know very well how the requirements come and how to deal with them. They will make you familiar with all these things.

  • Well structured syllabus
  • The syllabus is designed by expert professionals in such a way that learning becomes easy and simple for you. The course starts with the basic topics and goes to the advance level slowly so that learning becomes fun and explorative. The syllabus keeps on getting updated based on any new technology or tools coming up in the market.

  • Real life project and assignments
  • In the entire Data science training in Pune, you will be given multiple assignments to work upon. At the end of each class, one assignment will be there so that you can revise all the concepts learned on that particular day. Also at the end of the course, you will be working on one real-life project so as to apply all the learned logic.

  • No prerequisites
  • The course is designed in such a manner that you need not to have any prerequisites. Everything will be learned from the beginning and hence even if you are not from the IT background, you need not to worry. The only requirement is your full-fleshed dedication towards the learning.

  • Preparation for interviews
  • We will be preparing you for the interviews. There will be multiple mock interviews being conducted during the course and after the course as well. This will help you to understand the gaps and where to focus more. Also, you will get to know what all types of questions are asked during the interviews.

About the course

The training is designed to provide knowledge & skills to become a

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Future of Data Science

In today time, there is not even a single industry where data is not present. Everywhere it is data and data. Companies are finding it really tough to tackle the massive data and to get useful information about it. They are continuously looking for skilled professionals who have enough knowledge of the concepts and have the ability to work with this bulk data and get the proper knowledge and visualization out of it.

In today’s time, there is not even a single industry where data is not present. Everywhere it is data and data. Companies are finding it really tough to tackle the massive data and to get useful information about it. They are continuously looking for skilled professionals who have enough knowledge of the concepts and have the ability to work with this bulk data and get the proper knowledge and visualization out of it.

So if you are also planning to learn this growing and advanced technology, you can take up the Data science training in Pune at Tech Data solutions. That is definitely going to be a wise solution and you will get new wings in your career.

Job Opportunity

We have tie up with many big MNCs and firms at a global level. You will be provided full assistance from our end once you complete the Data science training in Pune.

Our dedicated team will keep preparing you for the interviews and what all questions are asked during the interviews. You will be getting regular updates for the openings based on your skills and experience.


  • What is Data Science?

    Data science is considered a blending of various algorithms, tools, and machine learning in order to achieve the goal of discovering the hidden patterns from such raw data. Data science is something which is an improvised way or the new version that does what statistics does in order to find a more detailed solution to the problem. It is a branch of science which basically employs theories and techniques which redrawn from the various field like statistics, computer programming, IT, maths, etc. It is said that it is the future of AI. It has evolved over a time span of 50 years though it is not a new profession.

  • Why should you choose Data Science?

    According to a data scientist, the analytic market which is growing every day requires approx 1,90,000 analytic professionals in order to tackle the exploding data across different verticals. Well, renowned companies like Oracle, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are looking for skilled and certified data analysts to hire a lot of data analysts.

  • What is the average pay scale for Data Scientist?

    The average pay scale of a data scientist is around 7 Lakhs per annum to 40 lakhs per annum, depending upon how well skilled, and how much experience a person has in the field of data science. More the experience and skills, more the salary a person gets.

  • What is the course all about?

    The course is all about giving one a detailed knowledge of the different data analytics that can be performed by one using R. It constitutes of case studies along with real-life projects. It also gives detailed know-how of the R language, by gaining a data structure of R along with performing data visualizations using graphic which is available in R.

  • Why Choose Techdata Solutions for Data Science Course in Mumbai?

    One should learn data science from Tech data solutions because:

    • It has a predestined schedule
    • It has an individual learning plan
    • It has the required, updated software
    • It uses PPT and hand on exercises to tutor students
    • It gives personalized feedback
    • It provides a classroom teaching
    • It provides soft copy and also a hard copy of books
    • Conducts a mock interview to prepare students for further
    • It has a 24/7 support service
    • It is a certified institution
    What skill I will learn in Data Science Training?

    Following are some of the skills that you will be learning with the Data Science Course in Mumbai:

    • R and Python programming language
    • Data skills including the databases like MySql, NoSQL, Oracle, Postgre and MSSQL, etc.
    • Data visualization including working on plots, graphs and understanding geographical differences, correlation, deviation, and ranking, etc.
    • Statistical modeling wherein you will generate sample data out of massive data.
    • Machine learning algorithms
    • Big data
    How Data Science Course will help in our career?

    The big companies always look for people who have relevant skills and experience. The real-time project taken up during the data science training in Mumbai will add up as an advantage. The training will focus on the complete syllabus with rigorous assignments. The live project will help in getting all the concepts cleared.

  • What Are The Different Modes Of Training that, Tech Data Solutions Provides?

    The different modes of training provided at Tech data solutions are:

    • Weekend batches, where one class per week of 3-4 hours will be conducted. It can be attended either Saturday or Sunday
    • Fast track batch, where the classes can be attended daily to finish the course asap.
    • Online training is also available
    • Customize training, which means that the pieces of training can be altered according to the requirements of the project and also the engineers of the organization can be trained by this institution.
  • Can I Request For A Support Session If I Need To Better Understand The Topics?

    Yes, a support session can be requested if the students are required to better understand the topics. Techdata Solutions help the students in getting the in-depth knowledge of the topics by clearing the concepts of the pieces of training.

  • Key Features of Data science Course in Mumbai?

    Taking up the Data science Course in Mumbai can be a smart choice as:

    • You will get to learn all the concepts deeply.
    • The class timings are very flexible to choose from
    • During the entire course, you will be analyzing the real-time data provided by us and will be able to submit the reports.
    • All the trainers are highly experienced
  • What Kind Of Projects Are Included As Part Of The Training?

    The kind of projects included as part of training are:

      • Telecommunications
      • Banking
      • Movielens dataset analysis
      • Sales performance analysis
      • Identification of best agents
      • Extraction of social media information
      • Prediction of sales for large supermarkets
      • Retail, E-commerce, Education, Insurance, Healthcare, etc.
  • Does TechData Solutions Offer Job Assistance?

    Tech data solutions offer job assistance by giving a guarantee of placements with some of the top companies of India with good pay. It is a certified institution, which makes it one of the best institutes of India.

    What jobs can I get after completion of data science course in Mumbai?

    You can land up getting a job as:

      • Data engineer
      • Data scientist
      • Senior data scientist
      • Data analyst
      • Data designer and the list continues
    Which are the top companies hiring data science Professional?

    Major MNCs include:

      • Infosys
      • Wipro
      • Amazon
      • Flipkart
      • Snapdeal
      • Urban ladder and many more


1. I recently enrolled for the data science learning program in Techdata solutions, and I must say I am very much happy with my choice and satisfied with the real-time relevance, courses, projects, and tutors. The best part about them is that they have designed the courses in such a way that it helps the professionals as well as the students with zero or very little computer background. It helps one by starting from scratch that is the basics and also building of some interactive models and applications for the same. The course is well versed and affordable too!

2. Techdata solutions is a very well platform for learning data science, machine learning and other kinds of similar courses. The classes give personal attention to students by solving their problems. The trainers tend to make the learning experience efficient and smooth for the students making it a worthwhile experience.

3. One of my friends suggested me tech data solutions for machine learning course, and I have to say I am very much happy. The instructors have knowledge of more than 15 years and the courses are worth every penny that I have spent on them

4. I took AI training courses from tech data while back. I really enjoyed the top class services provided with them. Also an important mention to the team for listening to my queries and resolving them with uttermost patience. It really made a difference to me. Thanks to the team for assigning such highly experienced and educated trainer to me.