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By vikas  |  Data science and Analytics  |  On 4/23/2018 9:35:19 PM

A Data scientist is someone who has completed data science training in Mumbai. He is tasked with combining programming and statistical knowledge to create insights on business data. It’s a high-rankingprofessionand is taught by institutes that offer SAS training in Pune.

A data scientist has the skillset and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of big data. It is a relatively new topic that was invented in 2008. But by 2018, many people have managed to make their career as a data scientist after getting their training from a SAS institute in Mumbai. The sudden demand just goes to show how companies require variety in information in volumes that were never seen before.

Here are a few skills you will need to have in order to become a data scientist:

1.      Technical knowledge:

You will need to have a Master’s degree in Information And Technology and if possible even a PhD. Today many institutions offering Data science training in Mumbai too have come up. In short, you will need a strong educational background if you want to pursue this career. Your skills in math and computer science should be strong. You also need to do a course in analytic tools like SAS programming and/or R.

2.      Computer science knowledge:

You will also require knowledge of:

(1)   Python coding: python coding is universal when it comes to common coding language along with Perl, C/C+ and JavaScript

(2)    Hadoop: it isn’t so common to have Hadoop knowledge but if you do, it gives you a one up over others. Experience in hive or pig also counts. Knowledge in cloud tools such as Amazon S3 can also be of great use.

(3)   SQL data base: even with the new generation of NoSQL, you may still be needed to write and solve queries in SQL

3.      Unstructured data:

Working with unstructured data is the biggest attribute of a data scientist and this is something that all students of SAS training in Pune know.

4.      Business knowledge:

If a data scientist does not have business expertise and the knowledge of the elements that make up a successful business model, all those technical skills are of no use.

5.      Communication:

Just having a technical skills via SAS training in Mumbai is not adequate. A person should have strong communication skills in order to be a good data scientist. That means you should be able to communicate with someone from a non-technicalbackground and be able to explain to him technical terms if required.          

6.      Great perception:

This obviously comes from years of knowledge but a data scientist should have a “data intuition’’ where he is able to perceive patterns, knowing the presence of where the value lies in the unexplored pile of data bits.

These are a few qualities a data scientist should have in order for him/her to make a career out of it. Do let us know which skills you would be looking for when you join a course for data science training in Mumbai.