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How Predictive Data Science Analysis Benefits Online Retail?

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   26 Jun 2018

There are many practical usage of data science across the globe. Right from healthcare and life sciences to entertainment and education have benefited from the power of data science in Mumbai in uncovering patterns and providing a sense of certainty to an uncertain future.

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How Data Science Training will Affect Web Development?

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   22 Jun 2018

Technology undergoes continuous evolution. We see many new branches impacting the existing technology solutions sector. One such interesting example for Data science Training In Pune students is the impact of this field into the existing niche of web development.
The people’s reliance 

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What to Study in Data Science Training In Mumbai ?

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   18 Jun 2018

 It is estimated that by 2020, there will be a  meeting the demand for expert data scientists. This speaks volumes of the importance of learning Data science Training In Mumbai. No wonder that a data scientist is one of the ‘sexiest job title of 21st century’. Recent years have seen a massive explosion of data being generated (both structured and unstructured).

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Effects of GDPR on Data Science Training

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   15 Jun 2018

Those in Data science Training would have undoubtedly heard of the newly rolled out GDPR laws. It contains provisions to protect privacy and confidentiality of data collected, stored or transmitted for EU (European Union) residents. The Act rolled out in May 2018 has had far- reaching impact on many industry verticals working with EU data.

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How Entertainment Industry Benefits from Data Science?

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   5 Jun 2018

Being quite the buzzword these days, Data science Training in Mumbai has effortlessly carved itself a niche in modern day chatter. It has outplayed itself from the mere confines of the tech arena and is now spilling over to other industries, providing unimaginable solutions to decade-old problems.

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How a BI career compares to a data scientist?

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   28 May 2018

With many students going for Data science training in Mumbai, it is obvious that they will be facing a lot of terminologies like data analysis, forecasting, modelling, k means, algorithms, and Business Intelligence (BI). We see a lot of students being confused about whether a Data science training in Mumbai would also cover some of the fundamentals of BI in the curriculum.

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BI vs Data Science - The difference

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   25 May 2018

In a world where jargons are increasingly sued and encouraged, it is common for students of Data science training in Pune to get confused between Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Science. If you too face this dilemma then you are at the right place. In this post, we will have a look at the differences between the two vastly popular terms, so that you can get your facts straight.

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Data Science and its Applications in HR

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   21 May 2018

One of the exciting fields for students passing a course in Data Science Training Pune is to get into HR analytics. With the power of analytics available to HR managers, they have more than just ‘instincts’ to go with at every stage of the talent development process – right from interviewing and on-boarding to performance appraisals and exit interviews. 

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The Role of a Data Scientist in Business

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   19 May 2018

If you are undergoing Data Science Training Mumbai then you may wonder about the importance of a data scientist in a real life corporate world. Let’s cover the job responsibilities that a data scientist carried out to add relevance and context to decision making.

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Why Data Science matters for Business owners?

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   14 May 2018

Many students and working executives are now opting for cutting edge courses for Data Science Training in Pune. With advanced course curriculum and practical hands on training chosen institutes do manage to successfully inculcate the basic concepts of data science in the minds of young working professionals. In turn, they are able to deliver stellar value in terms of on-job efficacy and robust productivity.

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Skills you’d need to be a data scientist

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   30 Apr 2018

Looking at the current advancements in the field of data analysis and the prospects it holds for individuals all over the world, it just may never be too late for you to consider switching paths to be a data scientist by going for data science training in Mumbai.

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How big data and tech will improve agriculture

By vikas   |   Data science and Analytics   |   27 Apr 2018

Merging technology and agriculture sounds quite futuristic with the help of Data science training in Pune. We are looking sensors being planted on fields which help in recording granular data points on varying soil conditions.

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