Machine Learning Training

Automated Machine Learning (Automl) Using Python

By NIlesh Kadam   |   Machine Learning Training   |   22 Oct 2019

Automated machine learning (AutoML) is the process of generating Machine Learning solutions for the data scientist without having to do endless searches on data preparation, data cleansing, model selection,  hyper parameters, ensemble generation parameters and model compression variables. In a typical machine learning application, users have a dataset consisting of input data points to train on. The raw data itself may not be in a form such that all algorithms may be applicable to it out of the box. An expert may have to apply the appropriate data pre-processing, feature extraction, Detection and handling of skewed data and/or missing values and  variable selection, attribute selection or variable subset selection methods that make the dataset more useful for machine leaning model.

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What Is The Importance Of Machine Learning?

By vikas   |   Machine Learning Training   |   29 Sep 2018

Machine learning Training is the reason for every technological advancement that has been taking place but this might be an unknown concept for the ones who are living somewhere outside the technologically advancing world. Every artificial intelligence revolutions that had taken place in the present day is because of the overpowering machine learning concept. 

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