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Average SAS Programmer Salary in India

Want to shape up your career as a SAS programmer? Get SAS training by experts and Techdata Solutions can be your destination for pursuing training in SAS. The institute gives you a chance to get certified training under the guidance of experts for a promising career.

IT industry keeps growing and it attracts young and fresh graduates.There are many reasons that have made IT sector a popular choice, its lucrative salary package and high profile job made it a perfect dream job for young graduates. But not every IT profile is promising, some demand huge time and effort with comparatively less return, whereas there are many advances andmodern courses that are high in demand with comparatively low resource, such courses can be a great career choice. But for that you must learn the basics as well as advanced courses and prepare you for the industry SAS programming is one among those IT courses that could open a new career avenue for you. If you are mesmerized with the high salary offered to the SAS engineer get certification in SAS.

Developed in the year 1970, SAS (statistical analysis system analyzes a large amount of data. SAS helps in generating data report using flexible and integrated software environment.

Now you can join the SAS training in Mumbai or Pune as Tech data solution offers comprehensive training in SAS. Learn SAS programming under the guidance of the trained mentor and be ready for the industry. The offer theoretical and practical learning. The center provides practical training as well.

SAS programmers get the training to work on analytic software designed by SAS Institute. The SAS experts work with a variety of industries. They develop system solutions with available data for the company. The solutions are designed to improve performance and control financial loss and frauds.

SAS programs are more like an operation research analyst, they work on-site as well as offsite, depending on client’s requirement. The life of aSAS program is challenging, as they have to meet tight deadlines with efficiency.


If you want to shape up your career as a SAS engineer, then here is a basic educational qualification that one needs to possess: A candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in statistics, computer science or another related field. Having a professional experience of 3 to 5 years in IT especially in programming would be added advantage.

A candidate must have excellent problem solving and analytical skills. Having advanced mathematical abilities, expertise in SAS Proc SQL, SAS Macro, UNIX, Linux, and other SAS programs. Hands on experience on various web applications and windows program would make thing easier for the candidate.

The demand of skilled SAS programmer is high in the market, the SAS fresher in India can expect 4lacs to 7lacs, whereas the first salary of the SAS programmer in the USA could be $79,530.

Choose a training center that has a faculty and facility to provide proper training. The mushrooming number of training centers could confuse the candidates in finding the right center, but if you want value for money and wish to give you’re a career a right start when choosing a right training center is equally important. Places like Pune and Mumbai offer better training centers to candidates and help them in exploring career opportunities in a better way.

Avenues like SAS programmer is lucrative, but not everyone gets the chance to build their career as a SAS programmer. Whether you want to get then try in the field or wish to upgrade your career in SAS with the advanced course or latest updates, it is essential to get trained by the industry experts.

After getting basic certification in SAS, try to get an entry level job and earn some experience, meanwhile, candidates are suggested to upgrade their skills as per industry demand and get ready for a hefty package. The more seasoned and skilled you become, the better profile you can grab.

Get a SAS certification from the trusted training center and get ready to explore the potential of the IT industry as a SAS engineer.