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By vikas  |  Data science and Analytics  |  On 5/28/2018 9:43:52 PM

With many students going for Data science training in Mumbai, it is obvious that they will be facing a lot of terminologies like data analysis, forecasting, modelling, k means, algorithms, and Business Intelligence (BI). We see a lot of students being confused about whether a Data Science Training in Mumbai would also cover some of the fundamentals of BI in the curriculum.

In order to eliminate such doubts, we have come up with this post. We will look at how the Data science training in Mumbai would differ from that of a BI course student.

To start off let us see where they come in handy. Both are needed to make sense of the huge volumes of structured and unstructured data that is emanating from diverse sources in different formats. With such a rich and ready availability of data, a data science training Mumbai trainee as well as a BI student would focus on unlocking insights from these huge data sets spanning millions of rows of data.

 Now we will look at some fundamental difference between the two hot and trending career fields -  

 1 – Knowledge awareness

A BI analyst will need to work with an already analyzed set of data and then come up with recommendations and insights that will help provide a direction to the strategy formulation of the business leaders in the company.

On the other hand, data scientists would be big time data wranglers. As a student of data science training Mumbai would know, they need to spend a lot of time arranging, cleaning, and organizing data so that they end up in a consistent format and uniform layout.

 2 – Technologies used

The technologies that a Data Science Classroom Training Mumbai student works with is totally different from what a BI student works with. A BI student will focus a lot on Excel and its advanced concepts. They will then move on to specific BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, Pentaho, Yellowfin and SQL. This way they carry out a lot of reporting, charting, and presentations on these tools to convey the insights to non-technical persons like business users and CEOs.

In comparison, a student of data science training Mumbai would need to work on tools like R, Scala, Python and SQL along with proficiency in machine learning and statistics.

 To conclude we would say that a Data science training Mumbai student would perform all the more better if he has basic knowledge of BI tools like Like and Tableau.