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By vikas  |  Big Data Hadoop  |  On 4/30/2018 9:44:22 PM

 If you are interested in going for Hadoop training in Mumbai, you might be wondering about the career prospects of this technology. To make our point it is fair to say that Hadoop is the primary engine that is the driving force behind data science.

 How it powers up data science?

Over the last 10 years, data science has evolved substantially to allow business users to see patterns and usage after big data analysis. Interestingly, for those who are trained via reliable Hadoop training in Mumbai, they see that data science is increasingly becoming a part of the Hadoop data analytics course.

 The reason is simple. Businesses are going to need analytics as well as data science services. What better way to add value to an organization than by learning both the technologies? This is where many students doing Hadoop training Mumbai see the value of data since merging with Hadoop big data analytics.

 Here are some ways in which Hadoop is powering up the data science

1 – Data exploration

Hadoop helps data scientists to make sense of the complex web of numbers, facts, and figures and their potential inter-relation. It comes in handy when they have to do data exploration without knowing the intricacies behind the huge data set.

 2 – Data filtering

Many times, data scientists would have to construct a classifier to filter the data. This filtering helps them to narrow down the information to be analyzed based on business needs. This is where Hadoop training Mumbai comes in.

 3 – Data sampling

With sampling, a data scientist gets an acceptable universal perspective. Hadoop helps him in this case. It allows him to understand which approach will work or not work for displaying a representative sample of the data. Take for instance the ‘Sample’ keyword in Hadoop Pig which helps in this exact approach.

 4 – Summarization

In Hadoop training Mumbai, you may be familiar with the MapReduce functionality. It helps the mappers to get abridged data. If you learn about Pig, Hive, MapReduce, and distributed systems, you will be able to summarize data better. 

 To wrap up

These reasons show why Hadoop will be around for a long time for big data analytics and data science. If you are undergoing Hadoop training Mumbai from a reputed institute, then be assured that it will prove to be a great career move.