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Prospects of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Is it the right decision to do a Machine Learning course in Mumbai? Is this field has excellent prospects? If all these questions surround you, then this article is for you. 

Today technology has picked up its own pace than it had in the nineties. And the reason behind this is the emergence of both Machine Learning (MI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The growing demand for these two technologies are compelling employees to upgrade their skills in similar areas. It is believed that AI and ML will change the way we shop, travel, communicate, do our daily chores, and business. As per a report, 31% of executives believe that AI and ML professionals will be scarce in the next five years. AI professionals who know Machine Learning are in high demand. There are start-ups and big companies who are looking for proficient ML guys who can give a new shape to their business.

So, if you are looking for building a career in AI, then do a machine learning course in Pune or Mumbai as it is a crucial aspect of AI.

What is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

If you are recently introduced to Artificial Intelligence, then you may not know its exact meaning. Artificial intelligence is all about integrating human capabilities in the machine to perform like a human. It is software that can mimic human learning to perform jobs better and fast. You can call Machine Learning as a subset of AI. So while defining AI, we are actually talking about ML, as it is the process through which AI learns.

Machine Learning programs the computers to perform tasks for which they are not programmed, and all such things happen through algorithms. Machine Learning is a process of augmenting human capabilities. 

A report from Accenture predicts that AI has the capability of adding $957 billion to the Indian economy by bringing a change in the working style of businesses. As per a report published by 'Rewire for Growth,' India's annual growth of Gross Value Added (GVA) will see a boost of 1.3% by 2035. All such data is not only limited to AI. As per Markets and Markets, the machine learning growth will touch USD 8.81 billion till 2021. 

All the above data are enough to ensure ML and AI's bright prospects in the coming years.

Machine Learning: Job Opportunities

Now, this paragraph is for those who want to learn something new and want to become a part of a thriving technology.

Machine Learning Engineer: The job role of an ML engineer is to design and implement machine learning algorithms.

Data Scientists: A data scientist understands and interprets a huge amount of data through ML and forms future strategies based on the analysis.

Data Analyst: The job role of a data analyst is to gather information about a particular topic, analyze and interpret it, and finally present it in a comprehensive report.

Data Architect: A data architect develops, test, and maintain the whole data through ML algorithms.

How to take entry in AI and ML

If you are new to this field, then do an artificial intelligence course in Pune. Besides that, you should have excellent computer skills and algorithms. And most importantly, ensure that your training institute provides you practical knowledge with hands-on experience, as this is what required by most companies.

If you are a programmer and want to learn AI, you can directly start coding and use algorithms.

If you are a data analyst, gain some programming skills. To enter into machine learning, you should be proficient in data preparation and communication skills. Also, you should have excellent business knowledge of visualization. Many team members are required to perform certain AI work. Thus each team member requires specialization in a particular field. If you are a data scientist, figure out what you will love to do and start focusing on that in your machine learning career.

Future of AI and ML

With the innovation happening in the current era, we even can't imagine the miracle which will happen in the near future because of AI. But as we already know that there is a shortage of professionals trained in AI and ML. Hence it's a golden opportunity for professionals to join an artificial intelligence course in Mumbai to get them self trained in this thriving technology. 

With the increasing demand for AI and ML professionals, organizations are looking for resources with hand-on experience in this emerging technology. So, its the time to get certified. The sooner you will be trained, the sooner you will start working in reputed companies who have already started looking for AI professionals and have implemented this technology in their business.

So, start learning AI and ML, as these technologies are the future and can allow you to earn a handsome salary.