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By vikas  |  SAS Programming  |  On 5/1/2018 10:04:58 PM

Sas Training is that aspect of IT that interprets data at hand and gives out accurate results. SAS training in Mumbai would equip you to master the art of accuracy with the data at hand. For those of you who would be wondering what SAS is, it simply is a Statistical Analysis System. It basically is an integrated system of software solutions that enable you to perform data entry, management, statistical and mathematical analysis, business forecasting, operations research and project management. The benefits of getting SAS training in Mumbaiare far too many to be counted as they open a wide array of job opportunities for you.

Now that you have understood the basic premise of data science and SAS, we come to why we would go as far as to call data science the new astrology. One of the major components of data science is machine learning. Machine learning is what could be understood as simply pattern recognition. You feed in a set of inputs and the system exercises a set of mathematical formulae so that an accurately predictable output can be received.

Why is the accuracy in predictability such a given when it comes to machine learning? That is because the algorithm that machine learning functions on is so meticulous that it detects the pattern that is usually missed by the human eye, which by the way is no match for a machine. Getting SAS training in Mumbai renders the necessary skills for an individual to thrive in the IT industry for years to come.

Now the question that could arise is, how exactly does this algorithm work? It is rather simple. The system is fed with tons of images that contain both -- the positive and negative cases of the problem that need to be analyzed. The machine then calibrates the parameters of the mathematical formulae so that patterns are attained that hint towards positive or negative outcomes. Only SAS training in Mumbai would give you enough insight into this matter, as the exposure you receive in Mumbai is tremendous.

Astrology pretty much is the same when it comes to predictions as it involves a systematic usage of formula and aims to get results as close to accurate as possible. It would thus not be too far fetched to say that astrology was the primitive form of machine learning. However, machine learning i.e data science is now the future. SAS Classroom training in Mumbai thereby prepares you for a bright future in the IT industry.