« Back Should you change your career to enter Blockchain?

By vikas  |  Best BlockChain  |  On 5/15/2018 11:27:45 PM

 1 – It is being well funded

Right from ICOs toinstitutional investors, many parties are highly interested in this disruptivetechnology. It is no wonder that money is flowing in for Blockchain from many streams. Many individual investors too areinvesting into this through the huge variety of exchanges and on-boardinginfrastructure. An example is Golem which has yet to have an alpha product onits portfolio, and yet is valued at over $240 million. This is the pull ofserious money that Bitcoin and its underlying architecture – Blockchain has.

 2 – Lot of job generation potential

It is but obvious, themassive demand we saw in point 1 above will drive a significant boost inemployment in this particular technology. Right from information architect andsecurity experts, to data mining veterans and systems integration experts,there are quite a lot of job responsivities to be filled. If you are doing Blockchain training in Mumbai then thiswould be a vital motivator for your continued training. Even experts in sales,marketing, and communications are in demand and the demand is only expected tojump in the near future.

 3 – Better assets digitization

Today smart contracts andcryptocurrencies are the biggest examples of how Blockchain is used to digitizeassets, keep it safe from unwanted hacks, and maintain is integrity andconfidentiality. As time goes by innovative minds will bring about uniqueapplications for Blockchain that will not only elevate the level of trust butalso boost process efficiency and enable transparency in a transaction betweentwo parties. 

 To wrap up

With these reasons, it makesperfect sense to get into Blockchain and carve out a lucrative career. For thisthe right first step to take would be to enroll in a comprehensive Blockchain training in Mumbai and getall-round training on this interesting technology.