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Start your booming career with Data Science

Welcome to the world of programming! If you have already pursued data science or are planning to enroll for data science courses in Pune, you will have a flourishing career ahead. Data science and Python as a programming language goes hand in hand. Now, you can wonder what to do with your skills and proficiency over R programming?

Well. For statistics and data science, R is always a good choice. However, nothing can replace the significance of Python as being one of the most demanding programming languages. No doubt, why 66% of data scientists prefer to use Python!

Why Python?

Python has taken off the popularity of R.  There is a couple of reasons behind it. In fact, you considered Python as a choice; let me tell you, you might miss big shot opportunities. Before enrolling for the data science course in Mumbai, how Python can scale up your level in the job market.

  • This general-purpose language offers the ease to collaborate across multiple organizations. Hence, programmers prefer Python to communicate with others using a simple syntax.
  • For statistics, R has no better competitor. However, in the case of data science, machine learning plays a vital role. It has a deep learning and structured method to ease the command of machine learning.
  • Once you move to the deep learning method, you need to acquire a structured way to get going. In this field, Python is leading others.

You see, Python has revolutionized the world of programming. Moreover, it performs seamlessly in the fields of statistics and data science as well. Now, tell me, would you rather choose a versatile language or restrict your fine opportunities with a limited one! The choice is yours.

What can Python be used for apart from data science?

You should rather ask, what can’t be used for? The following list suggests the other career option you can have except data science with Python:

Web development

The demand for web development is growing increasingly. In addition, you can have a great boon with Python skills in the web development field. Building mockup apps were never so easy without the advancement of Python.

Automated report generation

Gone are days when reports were automated in regular excel sheets. The advent of large data capacity and the increasing number pose many challenges when generating a report every week. In that case, smart analysts suggest an automated programming language that improves organizational function. Here, Python plays a major role to generate an automated report within a jiffy.

Finance and Business industry

The finance and business industry is all about handing and managing potential data. The amount of data cannot be operated manually. Moreover, it enhances the risks of error and data leakage. With Python, the finance and business industry has set a unique roadmap. They are looking forward to accelerating the growth of the industry using smart analytic techniques. Hence, the role of Python becomes indispensable here.


Python has set an objective in fueling the growth of simulated processes. Simulation Python or SimPy is a discrete framework standardized by the application of Python. Moreover, the active model components in the framework are entirely based on the function of Python.

 So, you see, apart from the general application in Algorithms, data visualization and communication, Python has pushed all the bars to establish a technologically advanced world. Thus, data science courses in Pune offers optimum opportunities for students and professionals who want to excel more.

Python job and salary Trends

On average, a Python software developer can earn around 5,80,000 per annum. The figure can go beyond 1,000,000 per annum with potential professional experience and expertise. In addition, other professional skills and experience can contribute a lot to improve your salary structure. Apart from experience and skill, you will have a better turnaround if you are planning to work abroad.

Once you strike a potential balance, I am sure you will continue to grow more. Moreover, one can also have the opportunity to work in big shot tech giants like Amazon, TCS, Accenture, Cognizant, and many more. Hence with the data science course in Mumbai, you will not only have a flourishing career but also can acquire the scope to move abroad and have excellent growth.

When it comes to gauging the demand for your skills, you will be happy to know that there were more than 75,000 openings for Python alone in India in the previous year. Clearly, you have enough potential to move forward and have optimum opportunities.

What job titles are available if you pursue data science with Python?

First of all, there is no universal title for data science experts and analysts in every organization.  You will have different job requirements and different skills, for that matter. However, the most common job titles are:

Data Analyst

In general, it is considered an entry-level position. It involves organizing and managing industry-specified data. It has a lot to do with assessing the effectiveness of the company and identifying its strong points and weaknesses.

Data Scientist

It is an advanced level job title. Therefore, it involves assessing and managing the analytics. It also involves building a machine learning model to offer a reliable future prediction. Moreover, data management skill is an imperative part of this job title.

Data Engineer

It involves managing the data infrastructure of a company. It requires advanced software development and programming skills. They also have the responsibility to build data pipelines and formatting revenue data in a structured way.

Skills required:

  • Proficiency in Python
  • SQL
  • Data cleaning
  • Data visualization skill
  • Probability and statistic analysis

Once you upgrade your standard with efficient skills and knowledge, the career graph will likely follow a steep curve.

To Wrap Up

If you acquire the required skills and expertise of the data science course in Mumbai, nobody can stop you from having a bright career.

Are you still in doubt and contemplating how to move on in this journey? Feel free to get in touch with us.