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Data science is considered as a method of getting useful insights from unstructured and structured data employing different approaches from ML to statistical analysis. Most of the organizations believe that data science is employed to transform data into value in the form of reduced costs, improved experiences of the customer, improvisation of revenue, development of various products, the agility of the business, and much more. The main motto or goal of data science is to help in the construction of the means to help in the extraction of business-focused insights from these data. This extremely requires an understanding of how information and value are said to flow in a business and also the ability one has to use such understanding to identify huge opportunities of business.


Everyone wishes to know how to become a data scientist as this is one of the most in-demand careers right now, the reason being that the demand for a data scientist is much greater than the supply. It is one of the most promising fields in today's date which has explicit opportunities available. Though for becoming a data scientist one needs to get a professional course and data science Course in Mumbai and data science Course in Pune are the best ones.


What is the average salary of a data scientist?

 According to Payscale and Glassdoor, the basic salary of a data scientist without any experience is $100 and a bonus of $10. As you get more and more experienced in a few years of time your salary can increase up to $112 with a $12 bonus. The outlook of a data science career is extremely positive which is another reason why it is known as one of the sexiest jobs in today's date.


What are the skills required for becoming a data scientist?

 For starting your career in the field of data science you need hardcore skills such as machine learning, Hadoop, statistics, and much more. You also need to excel at persuasive communications, solving problems, critical thinker, and become a great listener.


The other skills required for becoming a data scientist are:


Soft Skills

  • Ability to leverage and establish relations with shareholders for acquiring the goals of the business
  • Eagerness for collaborating with Business intelligence and engineering teams
  • Strong verbal and communication skills
  • Ability to motivate and support others development for acquiring full potential
  • Leadership skills


Technical skills 

  • Experience in MATLAB
  • Experience in learning and analytical skills
  • Experience with SQL and relational database
  • Explicit programming skills in Python or R and the data science libraries such as SciKit Learn and Python 
  • Experience in deep learning frameworks
  • Experience in NLP Programming
  • Advanced practical knowledge of machine learning and data science


Practical Skills 

  • Accountability
  • Ability to work in a fast pace and pressure environment 
  • Confidentiality and integrity 
  • Mindset of growth 
  • The ability to start initiatives
  • The ability for sharing and tracking external trends
  • Ability to share or track ideas or practices
  • Generating unique solutions and desire for driving creativity 
  • The ability for taking an unpopular stance 
  • Eagerness for performance 


What are the tools you will learn in the data science course?


The skills that you will learn in the data science course are:

  • Python coding
  • SQL
  • In-depth knowledge of R
  • MS Excel
  • Hadoop
  • Deep learning
  • ML and arithmetic intelligence
  • Tableau
  • Apache spark
  • MongoDB
  • SAS
  • Data science with R and SAS


Who are the people eligible for this course?

 The people eligible for this course are:

  • Professionals operating with an experience of 2 years or more
  • Basic understanding of maths and concepts of programming
  • Bachelors degrees with at least 50% marks


 What are the best companies in India for a data scientist to work for? 

The best companies in India for a data scientist to work for are:

  • BlueOcean
  • Manthan
  • Fractal analytics
  • Crayon Data
  • Cartesian consulting


What are the 5 best data science career opportunities to explore? 

The 5 best data science career that an aspirant can explore are:

Data scientist

Data analyst

Data engineer

Business intelligence analyst

Data architect


Data scientist Job Outlook

 With massive worldwide job openings in Big Data, the role of data science has become quite intriguing as well as rewarding. Today we live in a data-based world where the organizations use insights that data scientists help in staying one step ahead of the competition while also keeping the overhead costs low. As per Linkedin, there are approximately 57,064 data scientist jobs available globally.


Data scientist career outlook

 With the appropriate qualifications, one can easily have an excellent career outlook as a data scientist. The demand for individuals with such skills will keep on rapidly increasing and people who already encompass the role of a data scientist will observe tremendous growth in their salaries in the near future. As demand for such skilled professionals is increasing, the companies are willing to pay a huge amount of money which is why even people who have the lowest-paying data science job are still making a great living.


Thus, data science is one of the topmost performing career fields as it has been ruling all the industries since it has come into existence and is known to have brought the fourth industrial revolution in the world which is massive. Hence we can make out the deepness of the software and how huge it is. For getting into one of the amazing fields and acquiring the topmost performing jobs one needs to understand the subject for which data science Course in Mumbai and data science Course in Pune are explicit. The field has tremendous growth opportunities and is said to be in the ruling position for a long time now.