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By vikas  |  SAS Programming  |  On 5/9/2018 9:19:30 PM

If you are looking for SAS training in Mumbai you need to check out a few vital pre-requisites. In addition to being a popular big data analytics package, students are learning SAS to carve out a great career option. What’s more, even working professionals seek good quality SAS training in Mumbai to get a strong foothold in the competitive job market.

Who should go for SAS training?

If you are a student and are looking to make a great career move, then you can go for Base SAS training. With Base SAS, students are equipped to take the base SAS certification exam. It helps them to familiarize themselves with the hugely popular SAS language. For working executives who have cleared base SAS, can opt to go for Advanced SAS. This helps them to be certified as a complete SAS programmer. They can take the next step to success with a SAS certification.

If you are one of the below then a certification in SAS training in Mumbai is apt for you:Experts in Data Analytics who want to know more about SAS you are an IT professional and want to make a rewarding career transition then you can go for SAS course training in Mumbai  For software developers looking to make a mark in the field of data analytics, this course will be suitable The course is a great fit for recent college pass-outs who want to get into data science Working executives who want to expand their talent and get to know data science.

What you should look forward to?

There might be varying flavours when it comes to course curriculum offered by different institutes. But overall, a typical course design will contain the following coverage in SAS:

·         Combining and altering datasets

·         Interleaving, merging and reading data

·         Retrieving data using PROC SQL

·         Selecting and extracting data from more than one table

·         Combining multiple query results

·         Data exploration

·         Data type conversion, character function, scan function, DATE/TIME function

·         Advanced statistics

·         K means cluster, clustering methods, decision trees, regression, logistic regression 

·         Working with time series data


What would be the outcome?

Once you complete a good course, you can be expected to be proficient in analytics techniques using the SAS data tool. With knowledge on data manipulation, PROC SQL, and advanced statistical methodologies, you can be assured that the SAS Training in Pune would be a great career accelerant.