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By vikas  |  Python Training  |  On 5/14/2018 9:48:19 PM

For students undergoing Python training in Mumbai, they must have come across Pygame. It is one of the better known set of Python modules available for developers tor creating video games. Here are three reasons why Pygame is a better choice of game development platform for beginners

 1 – Coding is simplified

Students of Python training in Mumbai would know that Pygame is based on Python, the hugely popular coding language worldwide. For young minds, they start off with writing in one file and a single block of code. Prior to going into classes or functions, they can start with rudimentary code.

 Once the program starts growing long, the students will naturally try to break it into smaller portions for better code management. By learning about programming language syntax (minus the GUI and color component of HTML/CSS which can tend to be distracting with its visual appeal). It’s better to start off with command based programming via Python training in Mumbai to understand the basics of programming before moving on to typography, colors, and fonts associated with HTML/CSS.

 2 – Easy to install

Pygame is one of the few languages where the package is pretty easy to install and get started. Even universal configuration hardly takes any time. Students of Python training in Mumbai can use Python Wheels and see Pygame un-package itself the right way without much hassles.

 You can also visit Pygame installation documentation in case you run into any issues during the package installation. Compare this to an alternative like Phaser, and what you see is that you need a lot of things to do to configure JavaScript within the HTML / CSS document. Also Phaser based HTML applications will not render properly on the browser because of the same-origin policy.   

 3 – Better identification of global variables

In Python and JavaScript it is easy to dynamically change the characteristic of the variable. When it is assigned, a variable can become a string, float, or number. It is interesting to note for students of Python training in Mumbai that both Python and JavaScript support local and global variables. In Python, the global variables are identified with a global keyword, in case is it defined inside a function. This makes the global variable easy to identify in a block of code.

 Students undergoing Python training in Mumbai will now know why game is better at game development than alternatives like Phaser.