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By vikas  |  Big Data Hadoop  |  On 5/7/2018 9:56:37 PM

Hadoop training in Mumbai is no longer limited to just newbies. Even experienced developers are showing an active interest in going for Hadoop as a preferred framework to work on Big Data projects.

Background on Hadoop

Hadoop is the de-facto framework used for the analysis and reporting of big data. Volumes of data spanning millions of records are out of the scope of traditional spreadsheets like Excel, hence it is imperative to learn Hadoop. As Big Data continues to grow, the demand for Hadoop too will keep increase substantially.

Both students and executives with work experience prefer Hadoop as it gives a solid platform for them to launch their Big Data analytics career. This is why many people choose to go with Hadoop training in Mumbai.

If you are a Java developer and want to know why you need to learn Hadoop, here are a few interesting reasons to do so.

1 – Prior knowledge comes handy

Be it Hadoop 1 (with MapReduce) or Hadoop 2 (Spark, Yarn, and Tez), the bottom line is that much of the nuts and bolts of Hadoop are based on Java. So it’s not that a Java developer will start Hadoop training in Mumbai from scratch. He will simply pick up from his Java knowledge and apply it to Hadoop

2 – It is in demand

MapReduce, the processing engine behind Hadoop, is written in Java. So, all an existing Java developer needs to do is expand the existing knowledge base and utilize it on Big Data projects. Big Data is rapidly adopting Hadoop as the preferred framework, and as a Hadoop expert, you can be assured of a great career move. 

3 – The industry prefers both skills together

When you are undergoing Hadoop training in Mumbai, you will see quite a few ads on job sites that mention java as one of the skills for a Hadoop analyst. This is a growing trend visible in the industry. Employers prefer a candidate to have proficiencies in both Hadoop and Java.

This helps them utilize the talent in a much better manner and with a wider outreach than just a Java developer. Even for Java hires, they need not undergo separate Hadoop training on the job, as they already come equipped with great Hadoop skills.

To conclude

The current prospects on Big Data are huge. Hence it makes total sense to opt for Hadoop training in Mumbai. This way you can utilize Java expertise when learning and working on Hadoop too.