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By vikas  |  AWS training  |  On 1/6/2020 10:51:30 PM

As cloud computing is on the peak, the organizations are trying to leverage it as it is the highest priority to gain profits. To benefit from cloud computing, it is important to decide which cloud provider is the best one in the cloud market.

To get to know-how as to which cloud platform is the best one in the market, as AWS is the first it always gets into the conversation and google has everyone’s attention as it has groundbreaking products. Since Google is such a renowned brand so people assume that google cloud platform will be as good as the other products of Google which is why it is important to make a comparison between the two cloud platforms. To get an axis and get know-how as to how they work it is important to get expertise which is why cloud computing training in Mumbai, GCP training in Mumbai and AWS Training in Mumbai are the best ones.

AWS vs Google Cloud

Amazon web series:

It is considered as a subsidiary of Amazon that tends to provide a cloud computing platform that is very much in demand to the individuals, government and organizations on a subscription basis. Amazon was one of the first ones when we talk about cloud computing, so it tends to have the most experience then google cloud computing and others. Also, it has created a huge user base and reliability and trust factors being the oldest ones in the market. Being the oldest service provider, it was said to have a huge amount of time to expand their infrastructure which was already hosting in various locations worldwide. AWS is available in 21 geographical locations with every region consisting of a small geographic area considered as availability zones. AWS has 66 of such zones. The market shares of AWS are on top having more than 30% of the public cloud market share its name. Since it has more mature infrastructure facilities the maximum down phase suffered by it was only 2 hours and 30 mins.

As AWS came into existence much before the other cloud providers, it is said to have much more experience in cloud implementation and experience which has led to greater community support. Due to this reason, AWS has huge profile costumers like BMW, Netflix, Airbnb, Zinga, Xiaomi and much more.

AWS first came to be known in 2006 with service offerings like elastic compute code(EC2), simple storage service ( Amazon S3), etc. By the end of 2009 EBS also known as Elastic block, the store came into existence which started providing more excellent services like Content Delivery network, Amazon Cloudfront, etc and merged with service offerings of AWS cloud computing.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP or google cloud platform is considered as a suite of cloud computing services which tends to run on the same infrastructure used by Google users for its other products like Youtube, Google Drive, etc. It is known to be an undeniable leader in the market as it had provided its expertise in all fields be it email, video streaming, web search, running data centers and much more. After the AWS came into existence, google launched its cloud computing service.

The GCP stepped into the domain of cloud computing with its first public cloud service called PaaS which is known as an app engine. GCP was introduced in 2011. Though it was kind of late, still it has been making up for the time it has lost with its cost-efficient and reliable services. It is available for 20 regions around the world with 61 zones worldwide. GCP has grossed around $1 billion per quarter in terms of market share by 2018 and is said to be growing ever since.

Google has tended to attract a huge database of the customer itself as it tends to use the same infrastructure it has been using for other google products like YouTube, mail, etc. This is known to e a good enough reason for huge organizations like PayPal, Dominies, HSBC, Bloomberg and much more.

When we talk about AWS and GCP it is hard to say which one of them is the winner as they both tend to have their share of high-end customers. Though when we talk about the job trends it is can be said that AWS has more of it then GCP.

So we have concluded that GCP is a serious contender for AWS even though AWS is ahead of GCP in several services, customers, market share, etc. GCP is also said to be ahead in taking a lead of the terms of cost-effective and competitive pricing models. Both of the cloud computing service providers have their pros and cons. Though to get expertise or to make a career in this domain would require one to go for GCP training in Mumbai, AWS training in Mumbai and cloud computing training in Mumbai as they are one of the best so far for all kind of purpose.