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By vikas  |  Data science and Analytics  |  On 5/21/2018 9:24:18 PM

One of the exciting fields for students passing a course in Data Science Training Pune is to get into HR analytics. With the power of analytics available to HR managers, they have more than just ‘instincts’ to go with at every stage of the talent development process – right from interviewing and on-boarding to performance appraisals and exit interviews. 

 With bright young minds passing Data Science Training Pune these decisions become increasingly accurate and meaningful. Hence it is no surprise that companies are investing big time to bring on-board data scientists, analysts, statisticians, and data preparation experts.


What do they do?

For a student of interested in making it big in HR analytics, here is a glimpse of what they do. These specialists work with the HR teams to devise, design, and deploy well-defined analytics that seeks to meet the organizational goal as far as its people are concerned. A great HR analytics too will utilize HR data and interpret this big data to transform numbers into useful insights.


Benefits of HR analytics

1 – Better decisions on hiring and interviewing

Historical data of job seekers can be analyzed to improve hiring decisions made by trainees from Data Science Training Pune. With the help of predictive modelling you can take decisions and strengthen your hiring function.


For instance if you hired 30 candidates and 15 out of them from a particular historical data may fail at the job duties, then there are high chances that you may not hire people from similar backgrounds again in the future. With a lot of data from other recruiters’ databases, social media, and applications, HR analytics can be truly boosted with the help of Data science training Course pune.


2 – Better training

Training is a major cost overhead needed to bring new employees in sync with the culture and ways of working within an organization. Gaps in training at major milestones of an employee’s life and lead to many problems. A good student of Data Science Training Pune will look at the multiple patterns and see how to best optimize training in order to attain maximum yields for a lower cost.    


 With these benefits it makes total sense for a student of Data Science Training Pune to look at HR analytics as one of the more lucrative career options. He can get total training in data science methods to apply in corporate real life.