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Data science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning connection

Data science is considered as the process of extracting insights or relevant information from raw data that are useful to the organizations. It is said to use diverse techniques from a lot of fields like computer science, statistics, mathematics, visualization, data engineering and much more. Data are mostly structured and unstructured data. The unstructured data are the ones that require special focus as it is raw in form and needs special attention to taking out useful insights from such a huge chunk of data. Data is available in a massive amount nowadays as it is extracted from every source be it online shopping, multimedia, applications, etc.

Machine Learningon the other hand, is the ability of a system of the computer to gain knowledge from the environment without the need of being programmed explicitly as it improves on its own from its previous experiences. Machine Learning Training Pune tends to focus on authorizing or sanctioning the algorithms to learn from the data which is available to gain insights and also in making predictions on the data which was unanalyzed by making use of the gathered information. The three basic models of machine learning are namely supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. 

Artificial intelligence is considered to be a very broad term concerning its use in the actual word. Though artificial intelligence means making the machines intelligent, so as these machines can take decisions on their own without interference or guidance from humans. Whereas machine learning is known to be the way of making it possible. Machine learning is known to be a subset of artificial intelligence as it tends to focus on a narrow array of activities. Data science is not exactly a subset of ML though we can say that it makes use of it for analysis of data and also making a forecast about the future.