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By vikas  |  Data science and Analytics  |  On 9/19/2018 12:16:22 AM

To test your skills in the interdisciplinary field of Data Science by using algorithms, scientific methods, systems, and processes, you need data science training in Mumbai. Apart from the classroom training, you will have to utilize your skills on the real-time projects in entertainment, e-commerce, finance and banking sectors. You will get to use datasets and fictional scenarios to discover insights for supporting business decisions, hands-on exercises, demonstrations, and discussions.

The Training Structure

By using technologies like R, Microsoft Excel, T-SQL, Spark, Azure Machine Learning and Python, your data science course in Mumbai can continue for 3–4 months maximum, depending upon the course structure.

· With variegated techniques regarding analytics, visualization and statistics, you will be introduced with data science at first.

· You will learn the technique of importing data and author reports before publishing them and sharing through dashboards with various business users on mobile device and web. The data science classroom training in Mumbai also teaches you to import data from different sources by creating mashups and utilizing the Excel.

· While investigating applied methods for legal and ethical work in AI and Analytics, you will learn how to master analytics storytelling methods for communicating data insights to create the impact on an audience.

· Learn the skills of querying relational data with SQL servers. Here you will be introduced to Python or R for exploring data with codes. Same will be used for analyzing data with applied statistics and math.

· Now in the next phase of data science training in Mumbai, you will get to conduct the data studies by proper planning with R or Python and create machine learning models.

· After building predictive solutions with R and Azure to analyze big data and implement predictive analytics, you will be given your final project where you will present your skills and knowledge in real-time.

Who Can Take The Training?

The data science course in Mumbai is suitable not only for data specialists but also business intelligence executives and business analysts. Statisticians can improve their skills on Big Data while developers can learn ML techniques. The course is also helpful for information architects and experts in machine learning.

By using the latest analytical tools, you will learn to solve the data problems in the real world while facing challenges to test your skills. The training is run primarily by efficient instructors and you will also get to utilize the informative videos, statistical analysis, business analytics, and real-life industrial projects to become a successful data scientist.