« Back Effects of GDPR on Data Science Training

By vikas  |  Data science and Analytics  |  On 6/15/2018 8:20:53 PM

Those in Data science Training would have undoubtedly heard of the newly rolled out GDPR laws. It contains provisions to protect privacy and confidentiality of data collected, stored or transmitted for EU (European Union) residents. The Act rolled out in May 2018 has had far- reaching impact on many industry verticals working with EU data.

Not surprisingly it has also impacted the growing field of Big Data collection, preparation, analytics, and visualization. Naturally this means that even Data Science Training In Mumbai experts will be covered under the GDPR ambit.

For data science Training experts, GDPR will bring about changes in 3 areas

1 – Consumer profiling

Profiling involves knowing about a person’s habits, preferences, behaviors, or health data. Under GDPR laws, companies need to provide the user with an option to opt out. They also need to clearly state the impact of the profiling used by data scientists.

As a data science expert you would need to ensure that data remain anonymous in the data engineering and data science practices. With such systems in place Data science Classroom Training In Mumbai experts can ensure that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) remains confidential and not be prone to misuse.

2 – ‘Right to an explanation’

With GDPR rollout, EU citizens now have the right to be excluded from automated decisions if they lead to a legal effect on the user after the data has been analyzed and visualized by data scientists. Some examples include credit card applications, recruitment of a job or insurance applications based on pre-existing health conditions or demographic profiling generated via Data Science Training In Pune.

As a data science expert, you will need to assess if your line of work involves such sensitive data and if there is a regulation against its processing under the GDPR laws.

3 – Preventing analytics bias

Under this part, GDPR will prevent usage of results and algorithms that is biased against a specific profile or set of people. In order to bide by these norms, data scientists will have to make sure that the data processing is fair and transparent. It also needs the Data Science course  In Mumbai expert to monitor the lineage of the data i.e. tracks its movement from source to its eventual destination.

This way each milestone will be tracked and any PII leak can be effectively handled. GDPR also prompts experts in Data Science course In Pune to used accurate and appropriate mathematical/ statistical procedures.

If you are involved in data science, make sure that your work is complying with these norms of GDPR. This will be essential if you work on EU data.