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By Techdata  |  Python Training  |  On 7/18/2018 11:31:39 PM

Five Benefits of Learning Python

For those learning Data Science, it's equally important to master the most commonly used

data language - Python. Python is used by a number of successful companies like Google,

Pinterest, Instagram, Disney, and many more. If you are looking to learn this language there

are various institutes that conduct Python training in Pune.

Python is relatively easy to learn because it requires a unique syntax that focuses on

readability and can be used as a stepping stone to learning complex computer languages. It

allows collaborative teamwork regardless of language and experience barriers. It handles

different types of data structures well and reduces cost of program maintenance.

Besides, getting lucrative job opportunities as a Python Developer, and the overall positive

additions using this language brings to data science, there are various other benefits of

learning Python as listed below:

  1. Python is a great language to develop prototypes quickly since it is so easy to learn, read and work with.
  2. If you plan to make a career in automation, data mining, and big data learning Python is of utmost importance because these industries rely heavily on using Python. This is because it is an easy language to work with for general purpose tasks.
  3. Python also creates a highly productive coding environment compared to a complex language like Java. Even experienced coders find that they are more organized and productive with Python.
  4. To reiterate, Python is an easy language to read even for those with minimal programming knowledge. A little patience and a lot of practice while learning this language will take you a long way.
  5. Python powers Django, a complete and open source web application framework.Frameworks - like Ruby on Rails - can be used to simplify the development process.

So, if you are someone who is thinking about venturing into the field of data science, don’tlimit your focus to learning everything about data science, pay attention towards Python aswell.