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By vikas  |  Best BlockChain  |  On 6/1/2018 10:25:36 PM

If youare a student of Blockchain Training then you would know the immensepractical applications of the technology in today’s times. Manyindustries and business functions are embracing Blockchain like never before.But did you know that it can also help elevate the efficacy of the HR function?

Interestedto know how? Then read on and find out how Blockchain Training In Mumbaiwill enhance HR

 1 – Proactive solution

Today recruitersare dependent on a lot of third-party sources and independent resources likeLinkedIn and individually developed CV. Of course, the problem with this isthat past employment history and the various highlights behind the same remainhidden (especially if they are negative). With Blockchain this becomes a thingof past.

Past employerscan store the history of the employee on Blockchain, which keeps on gettingappended when the employee changes the job. For an expert of Blockchain TrainingIn Pune, this means that the records cannot be tampered with and present atrue fact (both positive and negative)

 2 – Taxes made easy to comply with

Imagineyou are appointed at a higher post that comes with perks. Now to claim againstthose perks (and bring down your tax liability) you would need to produce andmaintain proof of purchases against the correct heads. Now a Blockchain Certification Training Course in Mumbai expert can help you automate this process.

 Whenthe purchase is made, the retailer will add an entry on Blockchain and update thedeductions. This helps in real-time tax slab adjustment to reflect the truepicture.  With proper BlockchainTraining In Mumbai the process of write-offs and adjustments becomes easy.

 3 – Efficiency in processes

Be itpayroll tracking or issuing paychecks every aspect of HR documentation is mademore efficient with Blockchain training. With this technology, secure transfer offunds becomes possible, that too, without needing a bank as an intermediary. Asthe Blockchain eliminates middlemen like banks, the associated fees to getreduced substantially.

Byopting for Blockchain training thereis one more advantage. The day to day overheads of managing contracts can bemade efficient by smart contracts. The decentralized and immutable nature ofBlockchain allows HR managers to store confidential data without worrying abouta breach or hack in the contracts and its secret information.

 To sign off

Withthese applications, it makes total sense for Blockchain Training Course in Mumbai and emerges as the new age HR an executive that companies would be looking for.