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By vikas  |  Big Data Hadoop  |  On 5/30/2018 9:42:20 PM

 Hereare some reasons why using Hadoop Training In Mumbai can add an edge to the job responsibilitiesof the data scientist:

 1– Availability of huge datasets

Adata scientist and trainee in Hadoop trainingin Mumbai works best when he has athis disposal a huge dataset. This way filtering, slicing, and dicing and outlierdetection becomes easier. In the past, datasets were not available and storedat one place in a consistent format. Even if they were available, they werecostly. This is why Hadoop proves to be a great option to have in the hands ofa data scientist.

2– Better data exploration

Ifyou have passed Hadoop trainingin Mumbai then you would know-howeffective it is to have a working environment. Be it R, SAS, or Matlab,experts need lot of computation prowess which can prove to be expensive. Withthe scalable architecture of Hadoop, it becomes easier for SAS experts toexplore data on the entire dataset instead of using sampling.     

3– Schema-less architecture

TraditionalRDBMS requires a fixed schema based definition into the database before feedingin the data. However, this is not the case with Hadoop with its ‘Schema onRead’. This way SAS experts or students of Big Data Training In Mumbai do not need to go into a separate project involving schema redesign.

4– Better preprocessing

Ifyou have undergone Hadoop trainingin Mumbai, you would know that 80%of the data analyst’s work is data collection, wrangling, transformation, andcleaning. With Hadoop, such preprocessing over distributed datasets becomeseasy.

 Lookingat these amazing benefits, businesses derive from it is no surprise that majorcorporations like Facebook and Microsoft utilize are using Hadoop to employlarge scale machine learning and data science for their business needs. As atrainee in Hadoop Course Training in Mumbai it makes total sense toconcentrate on Hadoop, complete your course, and then take up a lucrativeopportunity at one of the companies looking for a great Hadoop expert.