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They are mostly in charge of building, maintaining and designing the data management systems. For this purpose, it is necessary for the engineers to have a strong command of common scripting languages which will help in solving complex problems on a coding level. Also, the data engineers use the skill set in order to improve the data quantity and quality time to time by improving their data analytics system. 


A data engineer’s average salary is around$90,286 per year approximately. Also, a person having an experience of 20 years or more has a much more positive effect on their salary.


Thus, these are the talents, skills, and requirements that one should have in order to become a good data engineer. As the data engineers are increasing rapidly day by day, the only solution to fight these obstacles is to get the best education possible with proper certifications. One of the best ones is tech data solutions that provide the best data science training in Mumbai and data science training in Pune which will help in excelling as a data engineer and reach greater heights in this field through the help of expertise and knowledge provided by them.



How Is A Data Scientist Different From A Data Engineer?


It is very important to understand the difference between the two in order to understand the concept of data science. A data scientist is someone who builds models to use the combination of mathematics, statistics and machine learning and domain-based knowledge in order to build and code these models while using the same framework and tools which is supported by the organization


Whereas Data engineer is someone who maintains and builds data architectures and structures for data processing, and deployment of data-intensive applications that work on a large scale. Some of the tasks of a data engineer are building a pipeline of data storage and collecting and funneling these data to the data scientist in order to put those models into productions.

For large scale projects, it is very important for both the data scientist as well as the data engineer to work together in order for the project to succeed!


Skills Required To Become A Data Engineer


It is very crucial for a data engineer to be comfortable with a huge range of programming languages and technologies. As they are keen to change constantly, so when we talk about the data engineer one of the most important skills they need to possess is for them to have the knowledge as to when to employ which language and why.


These are the skills that a data engineer needs to possess:


•    Data Mining and Modeling

•    Machine Learning

•    Designing and Building large scale applications

•    Proficiency in different languages like Java, Python, MatLab, etc

•    Regression analysis and Statistical Modeling

•    Operating Systems like Linux, UNIX, and Solaris

•    Hadoop Based Analytics

•    Data warehousing and architecture

•    Data based solution languages like Cassandra, SQL, and Bigtable


Thus, a data engineer requires to have an in-depth knowledge of technical expertise as they require the ability to solve problems creatively to get the right approach.


Now that we know what a data engineer is and the skills that they need to have, let us discuss the steps as to how to become a data engineer:


Step 1: Undergraduate degree


The first step to becoming a data engineer is to get a master's in IT, computer science or software engineering with courses in computer programming, software design, data structure, management, and architecture.


Step 2: Entry-level job experience


Go for IT assistant positions at a small company or at college to get entry into a career as a data engineer. Also, make sure to sharpen your skills in software designing and computer programming as it is required to be very fluent in the programming languages is important for one’s career. As one gains experience, they begin to solve the real problems by building a data system and choosing public data sets. These skills are important to prove how eligible one is as an engineer.


Step 3: First Job as a Data Engineer


Go for companies like computer manufacturers, software corporations or computer system design as a first job experience as they provide guidance along with excellent membership and projects like the front line of data science.


Step 4: Professional Certificates


Always make sure to get professional certifications to ensure reference. One of the well-known certificates is offered by the Institute of Certifed Computer Professionals (ICCP) as the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) which can be obtained at the master or practitioner level. Some other certifications are IBM Certified Data Engineer, Google’s Certified Professional in Data Engineering, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.


Step 5: Pursuing A Higher Degree


As one grows in the field of data engineering, they might also feel the need to go for a master's in computer engineering and computer science in order to boost their CV. Though data engineering is not restricted t data science and also there are people who have even succeeded without an advanced degree, only with their skills of programming and designing.


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