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By vikas  |  Data science and Analytics  |  On 4/30/2018 8:27:20 PM

Looking at the current advancements in the field of data analysis and the prospects it holds for individuals all over the world, it just may never be too late for you to consider switching paths to be a data scientist by going for Data science training in Mumbai.

To be an integral part of the company policy, you’d need to have the required skill, without which being a data scientist may take you longer than you expect. Hence data science training in Mumbaiis a must. Though the skills that companies look out for may vary from one company to another, here is a list of the core skills a person must have in order to be a data scientist.

1.       Programming

This is not an unknown fact to anyone that irrespective of which profession you choose, you need to have a certain amount of mastery with the essential tools of the trade. You cannot aspire to be a data scientist without being adept with programming. Statistical Programming languages like Python, SAS, and SQL are expected to be known by the candidate undergoing data science training in Mumbai.

2.       Data wrangling

Data wrangling is the process of converting and mapping raw data from oneformat to another to as to make it conducive enough for analysis. This simplifies the process of data analysis. Data imperfections could be abundant. data science classroom training in Mumbai and Pune teaches us tofind ways to simplify it and make it workable, thus making this skill vitally imperative.

3.       Calculus and Algebra

Being an expert at Calculus and Algebra can help you go a long way as a data scientist. It may come in handy during interviews for the job of a data scientist as you may be expected to derive or solve multivariable Calculus and Algebra questions. An effective mathematician would be in a better position to understand complex queries and solve them.

4.       Machine learning

If you are aiming to be a part of a company that deals with a large amount of data, like Google or Uber or even Netflix, then you might as well learn to be machine savvy. It is basically the ability to understand which technique would be effective where and to come up with techniques where you cannot find pre-existing solutions.

Backed by these skills availed from data science classroom training in mumbai, there is just no shading the amazingly bright future you hold for yourself.