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By Harshita  |  Data science and Analytics  |  On 1/10/2019 7:15:11 AM

What are the best companies in India for a data scientist to work for?

In this article, some of the best data science companies to work for has been profiled based on various parameters and you will get to know about the best Data Science Courses in Pune and Mumbai institute. A lot of data science companies in India have already raised the bars when we talk about salary and compensation for talented and skilled data analytics professionals. Most of the data scientists tend to build a strong pool of resources of data analysts.

Here is a list of some of the best data science companies that have already proved their presence in the market.


Manthan which is considered one of the top data science companies in India is known to be a pioneer in analytical applications for consumer-facing businesses. These specialty areas basically includes consumer goods analytics, big data analytics, retail analytics, cloud analytics, customer analytics, e-commerce analytics, advanced analytics solutions, predictive analytics, etc.

Manthan is well known for its unique products. It was said to have engineered Maya which is considered as the world’s first AI-powered conversational interface for business analytics. After the emergence of Maya, it has become convenient for decision-makers to interact with their data in natural language and also perform complex business inquiries at the same time through the help of a voice interface. The other products of Manthan that are powered by AI are unique in their ability in order to use machine intelligence to process decision context and also respond immediately with recommendation sand actions in order to manage each and every aspect of consumer business. Manthan is also considered to be the topmost awarded analytical innovator among customers and analysts.


It is another top data science company in India, founded in 2000 that tends to help the top global hands every power human beings by bringing AI and analytics in the enterprise to make decisions. They work with the organizations in order to build breakthrough analytics solution, that is set up with an analytics center of excellence data-driven decisions.

Also, their products help in enabling the organization to be analytically ready. The data science solution is unique which helps the organization in making an impact and intelligent decisions.

Fractal Analytics is known to have a presence around 12 locations globally including the UK, US, and India. The core clients of the company are based in San Fransisco, London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai, and Delhi.


Blue ocean is ranked as one of the topmost data scientist companies in India. It helps the organizations in realizing a 360-degree view of their customers through the help of data integration and also a multi-disciplinary approach that tends to enable data-driven decisions. It also tends to ensure the comprehensive use of all structured and unstructured data sources through its 360 discovery approach. The resource pool of BlueOcean is a delightful mix of domain expertise, analytics, visualization skills, and engineering which is brought together in harmony.

They have already established a very well rich customer base of the top leading global organizations mostly in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. It is being recognized for its remarkable impression in Big Data analytics. It was also ranked among the top 10 leading analytics provided by the well known Analytics India Magazine. One of the premium products of BlueOcean called Minerva was recognized as “Emerging Analytics Product Startup of the year” in 2017. It also received the Digital Application of the Year award in Singapore in 2016.


It is one of the best-known companies in the field of data science which was founded in the year 2009. It is a global analytics services company that helps the organizations in making an improvement in their margins and revenues by helping them to utilize their data better in order to make better market interventions and business decisions. The consulting work done by Cartesian has helped many global brands in telecom, QSR, retail, financial, hospitality and eCommerce sectors in improving their margins by 6%-12% and top lines by 5%-10%. They also help these sectors by making an improvement in their ability to take superior data-driven decisions.

Cartesian is considered to be one of the top data science company in India which is also a fast-growing organization and works for approx 50 brands in 10 countries. They tend to offer solutions in digital analytics, NLP, demand forecasting, customer analytics, and recommendation engines.

They have offices in several locations including San Fransisco, Singapore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Also, their client base is spread across mostly the Middle Eastern market and APAC.

Crayon Data

It is also one of the top most leading Data Science companies which were founded in the year 2011. Using their platform simple form, it tends to help the enterprises by enabling in providing ultra-personalized choices to their customer. The data of Simpler Choices cover 1 billion tastes, 25 million products, and 25 billion taste connections.

The offices of Crayon Data are located in Singapore, Dubai, UK, US, and Chennai. It was conducted as the winner at Tie Silicon Valley’s Tie50 Awards and also it is ranked in the top 5 in IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge 2014. The top data scientist company in India was also nominated as one of the top 50 emerging tech companies in India in 2015.

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