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Statistical Analysis System, now known as SAS software suiteis used extensively for data management, predictive analytics, multivariateanalysis, advanced analytics and business intelligence. This software suite isused to manage, mine, retrieve and alter data from variegated sources toanalyze them statistically. The SAS Training in Mumbai has been offering graphical user interface through pointand click methodology for users from the non-technical background while openingadvanced options for them through SAS language.

In the SAS Course inMumbai, students are taught the process of retrieving through DATA stepsand the process of analyzing it through PROC steps, where each step comprisesof a range of statements.

Learn About TheComponents

In the SAS Classroomtraining in Mumbai, students will be given an overview of the componentslike –

·        SAS/OR used for operations research

·        SAS/QC used for quality controlling etc

SAS Training Formats

The most common format of SAS training in Mumbai is classroom training where the certifiedSAS expert and the instructor will give students the idea of SAS procedures andcomponents far from the office. In a high-end facility, the students will learnnetworking opportunities and gain in-depth knowledge of Business Series. Theother formats include –

Ø E-Learning–online study material will be provided along with online tutorial whichcan be accessed anytime.

Ø Mentoring–Private training will be given by SAS instructor to help you practice dataand have insight into coding and data processing

SAS Course Details

The SAS course inMumbai starts with a brief introduction of MS-Excel followed by executingfunctions and charts. You will learn dashboard designing before working onvideo-based Visual Basic Editor. The introduction and basics of Tableau will betaught before getting into building reports, calculated fields, parameters andother. Now you will be given the introduction of SAS alongwith its installation process and datasets. After learning about dataaccessing, managing, manipulating and understanding, you will learn about datamining, SAS Marcos, data reporting and finally, working with SAS smartly.

With executable and declarative statements, the studentswill learn how after identification of syntax errors and processing ofdeclarative statements, the executable statement is processed sequentially.They will also learn how over 300 procedures perform analysis.