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By vikas  |  Data science and Analytics  |  On 6/18/2018 11:50:16 PM

It is estimated that by 2020, there will be a  meeting the demand for expert data scientists. This speaks volumes of the importance of learning Data science Mumbai. No wonder that a data scientist is one of the ‘sexiest job title of 21st century’. Recent years have seen a massive explosion of data being generated (both structured and unstructured).


This calls for the sharp eye of an expert in Data Science Training In Mumbai. They are the best people to glean insights out of this huge influx of data. With this insight, a business can target users better, optimize operations, and drive actionable decision making.


As a Data Science Classroom Training Mumbai expert, one is expected to carry out one or more of the below roles and responsibilities –


1 – Prediction / forecasting

2 – Data pre-processing and analysis

3 – Data engineering

4 – Data cleaning


Let’s look at these in detail:


1 – Predictive modeling

This is one of the most powerful KRA for a data science Training in Mumbai professional. With this, an analyst can gauge what the future is going to look like based on historical data. With hypotheses and algorithms, this complex task is made easy.   


2 – Data pre-processing and analysis

Think of a database that is too huge that a spread sheet software like Excel too crashes. This is where the job of a data science course in mumbai expert begins as a data analyst. With analysis, a data scientist tries to convey a story around the numbers, unlocks patterns, and encourages data backed decision making for the benefit of business management of the organization 


3 – Data engineering

Call in prototyping or data engineering, a data scientist would be involved very much in this area of predictive modeling. Ask an expert in data science Mumbai and chances are that you will come across data engineering as a core activity to be undertaken by the professional


4 – Data cleaning

This is perhaps one of the most time consuming activities undertaken by data science course in mumbai professional. With data wrangling, pre-processing, formatting alignment and handling outliers, a data scientist easily spends almost 50% of his/ her time on this particular activity. Some examples of anomalies would include formatting consistency and layout consistency


Parting thoughts

With these points it is evident that data science Training In Mumbai is a fast growing niche. From analysts to data engineers, all employees can learn data science and be invaluable at their respective roles and responsibilities