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By vikas  |  SAS Programming  |  On 5/31/2018 10:33:35 PM

In SAS training in Mumbai and Pune, a student would come across various scenarios where data analytics using SAS can be applied to come up with insights to help in strategy building and decision making for the business managers. But did you know that even a seemingly unrelated function like HR can benefit immensely from data analytics? In fact companies are increasingly recognizing the value provided by SAS in optimizing the entire process of talent management.

 Here are some key benefits that showcase why HR is increasingly utilizing data analytics:

1 – Great training

With data analytics students of SAS training in Mumbai can ensure that there are no gaps in ongoing training and development for the existing team members. By collecting the data and working on historical context, data analytics experts can see the areas that need to be improved on.

 2 – Better decisions

Be it hiring or performance reviews,assessing past data always gives an edge to HR decision making. A SAS expert in data analytics and undergone SAS training in Pune can be a great option to use in order to aid in your decision making process within the HR function. For example, if you see that 30 out of 40 B.E.s from Pondicherry do not perform well with the pressures of a job in Mumbai, there is a likelihood that you won’t be connecting with this demographic again for a similar job description.

 3 – Employee assessment

Employees are undoubtedly the biggest strength of a company. As a trainee in SAS training in Pune you need to ensure that their in-house development goes on very well throughout the lifetime they are associated with the company. With proper analytics, managers can single out key talents and then groom them for bigger roles within the organization. This is why it makes to keep track and monitor employee performance from time to time and then have a SAS expert analyze it.

To sign off

A trainee in SAS training in Pune needs to work with the HR team defined analytics strategy and interpret the various employee data to transform to useful insights. Be it talent sourcing, interviewing, on-boarding, performance appraisals, talent management, or exit interviews SAS data analytics can add phenomenal value to every milestone of the HR function. This list of benefits show exactly why makes total sense to hire an expert undergoing  SAS Classroom Training in Mumbai and Pune for a company’s HR’s success story.