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By vikas  |  SAS Programming  |  On 6/25/2018 9:38:30 PM

Students undergoing SAS Training Pune would grasp the underlying purpose of the technology – to examine millions of records to unlock new opportunities and uncover hidden patterns and trends.Today, tools like SAS and Hadoop are making it easier for SAS Training In Pune experts to analyze large volume of data and move beyond conventional spreadsheets like Excel for the same.

The below reasons show how Big data analytics actually adds layers of value to any business venture.

 1 – Bringing down cost overheads  

The new age big data technologies have been successful in delivering cost advantages to many business across diverse industry verticals. SAS Classroom Training In Pune experts use cloud-based analytics to further reduce the cost overheads associated with on-site big data planning and implementation infrastructure.

 2 – No more groping in the dark

Earlier decision making was based on gut feeling and intuition – both of which didn’t have very high success rates. With the advent of big data tools, large scale customer and leads data could be analyzed by SAS Course In Pune experts to add method to the madness.

 With the speed of in-memory analytics, SAS training Pune experts can analyze diverse types of data in multiple formats and present the analysis findings in near real-time. This led to faster and better decision making based on the numbers analyzed

 3 – Successful product launch

 SAS training Pune experts are increasingly integrating it with Hadoop to get even more value from the big data framework. This allows the data analyst to showcase the preference, behavior, and trends behind customer data around a beta product launch.

 With this intel, the company can gauge audience reaction and make tweaks to the product before going ahead with the full-fledge launch. This way, SAS training Course In Pune experts elevate the likelihood of a product’s success even before it has been launched in the market.

It is no surprise to see that with big data analytics, more and more companies are now coming up with new product launches. This is made possible by the robust analytics system that helps a company to understand the needs and wants of the target audience.  


This post gave a brief overview of what is big data analytics and why it holds such immense importance for businesses across the world. It also examined the role of SAS Classroom training experts in crunching numbers to extract invaluable insights used in business decision making that delivers successful outcomes.