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TechData Solutions is an institute that believes in giving students the knowledge and training to keep them ahead of the game. Data analysis is fast catching on as a lucrative field that has great demand. The institute makes sure that students have complete training and hands on experience so that they are job ready. 

TechData Solutions aims at providing training for all the tools needed for data analysis. These include: SAS Training, Big Data Hadoop Training, R Course Training, Business Analytics Training, Python Training, Blue Prism Training, RPA Training and Data Science Training.

SAS Training: 

SAS or Statistical Analysis System is quickly gaining ground because it helps to analyse huge amounts of data. SAS helps to organize data so that data can be analysed and decisions can made according to data rather than guess work. SAS Training in Mumbai and Pune is one course that can immensely help Analysts.

Big Data Hadoop Training

Every day transactions and interactions by people, Social media included, creates humongous amounts of data. Hadoop is equipped to make sense of the sheer volume of data that is continuously being created. It has the ability to process huge volumes of data quickly and cost effectively. TechData provides comprehensive Hadoop certification Course.

R Course Training

R Programming is a language that has capabilities of data manipulation, calculation and graphic display. R is simple to use, yet well developed and in recent years has picked up lots of popularity due to its large array of input and output facilities. R Training in Mumbai and Pune makes students masters of the language.

Business Analytics Training

TechData Solutions Business Analytics Course in Mumbai and Pune provides the mastery of Business Analysis. Business analysis includes classification, clustering and study of regression techniques. Professionals who have the training for Business Analytics are much in demand today.

Python Training 

Python is a high-level, object oriented programming language. It is capable of end –to-end development that is easy to script, operate and test. Therefore, it is no surprise that Python Programming Training Course is popular among data analysts.

Blue Prism Training 

Blue Prism Training in Mumbai and Pune gives students the ability to get quality data and show the needs of customers to any seller. Blue Prism has both physical as well as logical access controls and can be used in multiple environments.

RPA Training 

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is based on artificial intelligence or robots to take care of repetitive clerical tasks and make it faster and more accurate. At the same time it helps to bring down the costs. RPA training gives increased flexibility with enterprise processes.

Data Science Training 

Data Science Training Course helps one learn about data analytics using R and Python Programming and other software including Hadoop and Blue Prism. Data Science training n Mumbai and Puneincludes Tableau and Machine Learning. Tableau can easily connect to Big Data Sources and process data.