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By Harshita  |  Data science and Analytics  |  On 1/8/2019 5:54:59 PM

Future Scope Of Data Science

Data Science is a broad concept which basically refers to the collective concepts, theories, processes, technologies, and tools which tend to enable the analysis, extraction, and review of valuable information and knowledge from raw data. It is basically geared up in order to help the organizations and individuals in making better decisions from managed, stored and consumed data.

According to a recent Indian study, it was observed that data science has been not only the fastest but also the topmost field in India and its relevance just keeps on increasing day by day. Mostly every business today uses data science in order to extract data and gain useful insight into their business by making data-driven decisions. The business or individuals who donut will start doing in the near future as it is one of the most efficient techniques to gain insights.

Since the title of the sexiest job of 21st CE is given to data scientists by the Harward Business Review, most of the software engineers and likewise have tried to adapt data science in order to advance their career. It was also revealed by a survey that there will be a 200 percent rise year over year over a job search of data scientists. Though it is very important that skilled and not so evil people work with technologies like AI or Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, else there won't be long when robots will be giving us a run for our money.


Data Science salary

It is observed that 3 out of 5 professionals belong to the data science field. An average salary f a data scientist varies from 3 lakhs to1 crore rupees all depending on the skill and experience. More experience and skill the data scientist has, the more salary he tends to get and vice versa. Educational background and degree is also another aspect that is taken into account while determining the salary of a data scientist. It is very important for them to be highly skilled and trained, for which they need to acquire certification courses. Tech Data Solutions is one of the most well-renowned institutes which tend to provide data science training in Mumbai and data science training in Pune and make one the finest data scientist.


Findings so far

The demands for data scientists are expected to grow about 15%in the upcoming five years which means that 3,64,000 new job postings are to be expected which will further be increased to 2,720,000 in the near future.  The fastest-growing jobs would be advanced and data scientist which are expected to see a 28% ruse by the next 5 years.


What can be done in the present?

One might want to reconsider to choose this as their career option, keeping in mind the increasing job roles in this field. Deep expertise is required in this multiple functional roles in order to be one of the finest data scientists. Skills required becoming data scientists are statistics, maths, R and Python training, SQL, machine learning along with expertise in product management, marketing, and market strategy.


Why should one choose Data Science?

The reasons one should choose data science are:

•    Most demanded and fastest-growing field

•    Key analytical skills and analytical scores in non-data scientist occupation

•    Highest paid jobs

Thus, the future scope of data science is very high due to the outcomes and growth it has shown recently. It will be observed in the near future that new data science paradigms will emerge and the data scientists will be able to use all kinds of data in real-time. Deep learning will also be emerged by then which will help in making aurate predictions and make correct decisions that will be beneficial overall.

Let’s discuss the future scope of job opportunities in Data Science


Work-Life Balance/Job Satisfaction

To measure work-life balance, comparing all the kinds of fields of job would be pretty unfair. Therefore, if we compare all the fields that come under data science with job satisfaction and work balance. It will be observed that data science has mastered all here as well.


 Important Facts Of Data Science

Some of the facts of data science are:

•    Python has tended to become one of the most popular programming languages among the data scientists, overcoming other languages.

•    Data is never clean, which is why the data scientist tend to spend 80% of the time clean hemming and 20% of the time complaining

•    The presentation is the key to any business. As long as one is good in presentation skills, it doesn’t matter how they reached them.

•    All models are great, but only the ones suitable for the particular data should be used.

Now that we have discussed all the facts and aspects of data science, it can be said that India has done extraordinary contributions to the statistics field and would be as good while making contributions in the data science field as well. Out of the presumptions and all the surveys, one thing is clear that a huge amount of data will be used in order to derive useful business decisions and the skilled data scientists are the ones who will be able to unlock these endless possibilities. Numbers of technology are being used in order to process data. Having SAS training will make you enough intelligent to easily process data.